How To Cook Your Own Grand Theft Auto Burger

Grand Theft Auto's famous Cluckin' Bell chain of restaurants have a mainstay menu item called the Fowl Burger. Looking like a filthy chicken burger, costing only $US1 and regenerating health makes them magical. So magical it's worth trying to prepare your own, in the real world.

Website Gourmet Gaming, who we've featured before, have the recipe you need, based as close as they could get to in-game images of the burger you can spot in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Though, I must say, GG's looks much heathier.

Grand Theft Auto IV — Cluckin' Bell Fowl Burger [Gourmet Gaming]


    So Gourmet Gaming has gone back to making regular food again? Inventive!

      I love that one. The resemblance is uncanny.

      I love the idea of the site, but yeah, sometimes they stretch the game connections a little too far. :P

        Now this is a thing of beauty, though!

          Indeed. Though I'd replace the coconut moss with mint icing. Love me some chocmint!

    If it tasted good, the Chicken didn't die in vein!

    Cheese is in the wrong spot and its clearly a sesame seed bun. how could they get this wrong?

      And the chicken is the wrong shape and facing the wrong way, there's no onion in the GTA pic and the top half of the bun is way too big, its like they weren't paying attention at all!

    This one just annoys the shit out of me. It doesn't even loo close to the gaming counterpart.
    The whole idea of the burger in the game is that it's an unhealthy mess of crap with what could be chicken chucked in between (ala any normal cheap fast food restaurant), but in the end the site have made a "gourmet" burger that you're more likely to see on a pub or cafe menu...

    Pretty sure rockstar had a how to make the chicken burger on their fb page

    I think it looks pretty good... What's the bet none of you guys dissing it would be able to make it without the help of your Mummy?

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