How To Play As Link, In Skyrim

Let's say you want to make your Skyrim character look really different, but don't want to have he/she looking like Lightning out of Final Fantasy XIII. You could always make them look like Link instead!

The "A Skyrim Link Armor" mod by Handski takes some existing pieces of clothing in the game world and modified and/or simply re-coloured them, adds a Master Sword and Hylian Shield, and also gives tips on how to make your character look more "Elven" in the style of Link, as opposed to Tamriel's general interpretation of the race.

The end result? A pretty impressive recreation of Zelda's star, ready to wander around the icy wilderness getting punched skyward, with his sword, by giants.

A Skyrim Link Armor [Skyrim Nexus]


    My Dragonborn is a blonde Imperial woman named Zelda, but I'm not playing it much until I finish Skyward Sword. Once Link's done, Zelda can get questing herself.

    See, my big, heavy armored Dark Elf Mage was called Gannondorf...

    I used to adventure all around Hyrule... then I took a arrow in the knee...

    Legend of Zelda: Skyrim Sword?

    The issue I see in the pictures is... Link isn't bloody 6-7 feet tall!

      I'd be interested to know how tall adult Link is. I think he'd be up around 5'8ish. But I have nothing to base that opinion on.

    He is the wimpiest looking character and doesn't have a personality cause he doesnt speak why would you wanna be him lol

    This is actually a lot cooler looking than I would have assumed.

    Now if someone could addd to this and turn Skyrim into Hyrule I'm in.

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