Humble Indie Bundle 4 Earns A Cool $2.2 Million

The Humble Indie Bundle isn't so much a bundle as a great big whopping hessian sack stuffed full of quality games, charity warm-and-fuzzies and potatoes. The latest numbers show that, while the potatoes have been sorely neglected, 421,000 bundles have been purchased, amounting to $US2.2 million spent on sweet indie gaming entertainment.

That's $US100,000 over the HIB 3 and with 20 hours remaining on this bundle, it could very well end a bit higher.

Which sounds like madness, almost. But, when you factor in that the average gamer has paid US$5.39 on all five games (and seven additional ones if you spend over this), and that some of this money is going to the two featured charities — the American Red Cross and Child's Play — it's unclear how much the developers will end up with. I'd be curious to hear how they went, purely for statistics' sake.

If you've picked up any of the HIBs, how much did you end up parting with?

Humble Indie Bundle 4 Crosses $2.2 Million Sales [Gamasutra]


    My standard amount is $10USD per bundle. Dropped that on every bundle barring the first (I didn't hear about it until the second). Plus bought a few gift copies during my time.

    See Activision/EA/Evil Company? Being a dick doesn't work as well as being nice! :D

    Man I wish people weren't dicks about it though. All those jerks buying it for one cent.
    At least they've finally fixed the whole Steam keys thing.

    >Cave Story+
    brb buying this thing.

    Depending on the bundle, I'll pay $15-$20. I wish I could afford to pay a bit more, but I think that's a reasonable amount.

    I guess that it all ends up increasing awareness of the developer's games, even if the short-term profits aren't great. I probably wouldn't have bought many (or any) of the HIB games individually, but I'm more than happy to grab the bundles. I'm totally in support of the DRM-free nature of all the games.

    Generally i try to always have about $100 on hand in my paypal account for the next bundle. Although this one i was only able to give $70.

    I paid $8 - half/half childsplay/red cross.

    I should probably just give it to charity - without the incentive.

    I've paid between 10 and 15 for all of the bundles. Considering there've been 8 bundles so far, I've shelled out a reasonable amount I think.

    That's an awesome effort. They should do them at xmas time more often.

    Cave Story is great, by the way. Well worth it just for this game.

    Pay the average, 50/50 charity/developers, the way I'm going will never play the games

    Paid $15, with 3/4 going to charity.
    Incredible value, that and steam sales ensure the pile of shame grows ever higher.

    I have no heart. Payed only 1 dollar.

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