I Agree With This Little Girl About Pink Things

In the above video, little Riley goes off on the way toys are marketed to kids: blue and superheroes for boys, while girls get pink and princesses.

While she's specifically talking about toys (she is in a toy store), I agree with so much of what she says. And so much of what she says holds true for how video games and video game hardware is sold to each sex. Game companies pander pink game hardware and pink games.

Back in 2006, I got a pink DS Lite. I wrote about it here in this post with a tongue-in-cheek title. In Japan, pink isn't always a feminine colour. Cherry blossoms, which are pink, are macho — hence why Japanese gangsters get them tattooed on their bodies.

Riley's right, because sometimes boys want pink things. Sometimes girls want blue things. There's nothing wrong with that.

Riley on Marketing [YouTube via BoingBoing]


    This girl is awesome, my girl is only 2.5 and starting to get clever like this.
    I should send her my power rangers now.

    This girl will be a gamer :)

    This girl needs a talk show.

    I hate kids, being the spawn of humans who I equally hate in general. But, yeah, this is all kinds of cute... ;)

      If anything, this coming from a child of Riley's age should give you some hope. Not all people are stupid.

        That came across as a little TOO cynical, in retrospect. :D

        Reminds me a little of that Star Wars girl last year.

    This kid is switched on. Love it. I have female friends that have made similar comments - that boys get cool toys, like action figures, cars, aliens, slime (remember the ninja turtles playsets with little tubs of green slime? They were awesome) and girls get pink, dolls and princesses. Boring.

      Exactly. I always got bloody Barbies when what I really wanted was lego. Even now I would love to get a purple PSP but I would have to buy Hanna Montana as well. I can get a pink one though which I don't want.
      Either way the kid is right.

    Awesome kid is awesome.

    She's absolutely right.

    People should get the toys they damn well want, screw the intended target demographic.

    Not all boys have identical tastes. Ditto girls.

      Problem with adults is that they are all just taller kids.

      Intended target demographic isn't a law that tells you what you should or should not buy. It just makes it easier for them to sell a product. They will take your money regardless if your a boy or girl.

      "When I was a growing up I would always get the ‘boys’ toy from MacDonald’s/Red Roster case the ‘girl’ one is almost always boringWhen I was a growing up I would always get the ‘boys’ toy from MacDonald’s/Red Roster case the ‘girl’ one is almost always boring" - I don't see why this is a problem, you still got the 'cool' boy toy. the fact is considered a 'boy's toy' shouldn't turn you off right? otherwise you would be the one being sexist ;p.

      I get that stereotypes can be annoying, but it's not something you will be able to ever get rid of. People judge and they judge by the majority, you can't blame them for taking the safer bet.

    When I was a growing up I would always get the 'boys' toy from MacDonald's/Red Roster case the 'girl' one is almost always boring (Can't believe that the they haven't stop doing that yet (I'm 20 this year)). Gender stereotyping like that has always annoyed me.

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