If Only Magic Cards Were Actually This Awesome

If Only Magic Cards Were Actually This Awesome

There will come a point, some day in the future, when the lines between card games, tabletop games, board games and video games blur so much the difference becomes irrelevant.

When that happens, it’ll probably look a lot like this.

This amazing video was actually a commercial for a Magic Card store, and looks pretty damn great considering it’s “home made” nature.

Fan-Made Magic: The Gathering Commercial of the Day [TDW]


      • Ah yes, the good old “people who do X can only be criticised by people who do X” card. Well done.

        Spoilers: You don’t have to be a professional chef to know when a meal isn’t good. The journalism industry is no different.

  • That was awesome. I love stuff like Cardcaptors and Yu-Gi-Oh, even though I don’t like the storylines or characters.

  • Kinda cool, I think they overdid it a little though.

    i really need to get back into playing Magic, sigh, I bet they’ve released a metric s*** ton of cards since i stopped.

    • Everything they’ve released in the past 4 years goes to support the rule “Whoever spends the most, wins”, almost without exception.
      Competitively, if your deck isn’t capable winning in 3 turns or less, just pack up and go home. I have so many friends spending so much money on this, its ridiculous.

      • This is exactly why I stopped playing magic. I really liked it, bought the latest releases and so on, then realised from there I’d have to spend a LOT of money to just (it felt like) keep playing. Not worth it, especially connected to the ‘win super fast or don’t bother’ phenomenon. I’d heard you had to do it on turn one. Good reason to avoid tournaments etc. Is it okay to just have FUN playing a GAME? Am I more ‘casual’ if that’s what I want? I don’t know- trying to win a multi-turn game in just one to three turns seems over-doing things to me. Sure others may find that fun, but I think of it as super-high-pressure, and I get more than enough of that outside my recreation.


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