If Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Looks As Good As This, No One Will Complain

Concept art is a guess, a hope and sometimes an unintended lie. Remember that today as you look at the concept art for next year's Transformers: Fall of Cyberton, the 2012 follow-up to Activision and High Moon Studios' impressive 2010 Transformers game War for Cybertron.

People who grew up with the original Transformers — people like me — will have a special thrill seeing words like "Insecticons" and "Metroplex" on this art. We'll see next year what that's all about.



    If it is as fun as the first one I'll be happy.

    The multiplayer in the first game was excellent as it was, so if this can improve upon that and hopefully keep a decent Australian community....

    I'll be one happy Dinobot.

      It was a great multiplayer. While it did borrow stuff from games like CoD, it still does stuf that even triple A titles refuse to do. Such as having a Local Only search function, and actually updating and patching the game!

        It did have a great multiplayer... but they totally ruined it when the DLC came out. All of a sudden I couldn't find a match because I refused to buy the overpriced expansion. What's worse, the game didn't have the courtesy to kick me out of the lobby straight away - it would wait the forty second countdown and then, just as the match was starting, it'd give me the boot.

    Is this from a book? If so can i buy it? if so where can i buy it? if so shut up and take my money!!!

    That Shockwave kicks the shit out of the last bayformers model.

    Slug? Wasn't it Slag :S

      Yeah its Slag, but as much as I hate to say it... Ive seen official TF toys in the past with him listed as Slug as well -_- /shrugs.

    This series is like the ultimate Love letter to fans.

    All they need now is Blaster, Perceptor, Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus, Devastator and Unicron and I'm all up in there like a fat man on pancakes!

    Michael Bay will complain... ''You can recognise them! You can see the parts! Why can you make sense of the design! They MAKE SENSE! NONE OF THIS IS RIGHT! THEY SHOULD BE COMPLETELY INCOMPREHENSIBLE MESSES!!!!!''

      Funny how everyone else can do that except him.
      The designs in WfC were great. They were similar but different. And every character was instantly recognisable from the original G1 designs.

      Mr Bay...its called COLOUR!!!!

      oh, and Bumblebee can talk FFS!!

        "Mr Bay…its called COLOUR!!!!"

        Actually they were colourful in TF3, unfortunately it was one of the only ways to tell any of the main characters from the huge bland Decepticon army.

          Indeed, then they killed off any Autobots who were half interesting...

          Ironhide... :(

          Pedo-Einstein.... I mean Wheeljack....

    Man I wish I had grabbed the first one when it was briefly available in Aus on steam.. Now im stuck wanting to play the first and this one also -_-

    Can't wait for the toys, the last ones were awesome.

    Shockwave and Jazz where in the DLC for the first game.

    And yes, the biggest thing these guys did besides working on making a fun game with a good story line was to actually make transformers who looked different enough from their G1 earth forms but still resembled a transformer.

    I would say with few exceptions you could put up a Transformer from WFC and people would know who it is instantly. And look at that wonderful trailer, you can recognise everyone in there. That's the biggest problem with the Bay films, I need to be told who is who. Infact those movies are like watching one actor play every part in a movie. No make up, no change of voice or hairstyle or even clothes. He's identical as every character. Now imagine the big fight scene at the end, who just won?

      You now realise just how graphic those movies would be if they were not robots.

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