If Valve Was Hinting About Half-Life 3 On Saturday, They Were Being Very Vague

This one's a bit of a stretch… but then, what am I talking about? It's never a stretch when it comes to Valve.

People are already parsing the video that the company showed at last weekend's Spike Video Game Awards show, in which the Portal 2 character Wheatley put in a humorous, short plea to the audience to A) give him the "Character of the Year" award and B) help him get home.

This being a Valve video, viewers are convinced that the video also contains clues to the studios inevitable (but maddeningly mysterious, eternally unannounced) follow-up to Half-Life 2. Found via Rock, Paper Shotgun, this 1/2-speed video helps to parse whatever clues there were in the 30-second video.

For starters, Wheatley ends his speech by saying "one, one, one," which of course adds up to… three. Also, the text in the video reads "Observation Satellite "Lanthanum," which (apparently) is Greek for "To lie hidden." It is also a medication for use helping those with kidney disorders, and is a chemical with the atomic number 57.

It could be a reference to just about anything, including Wheatley himself ("lying hidden"), but as RPS points out, the first letter of "Lanthanum" in Greek is indeed a Lambda, otherwise known as the symbol for Half-Life.

Hmm. Seems like a stretch to me, but then again, why the heck else would they choose to include a greek word beginning with "L" in their video? Oh, Valve. How you taunt us.

Source: Rock, Paper Shotgun


    Oh christ get over it. No HL3 until 2015.

      SHUN THE NON BELIEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Wait- what, sorry, which IP are we in again? Im confused :(

    Bahahahahaa... No, seriously. Get out.

    it si coming... I can feel it....

    Yeah there's definitely references to it in the video. Whether or not this is going to 'properly' happen, I really doubt it for a while at least.

    I think it's almost confirmed. Three hints in the past two weeks.

    I've read that he actually says "one, one one" or "1/11" which would be the 11th of February (in yank format). And would you look at that, Valve will be talking at some conference on that date. The conference goes from 10-13 of January.

    Also I don't know what it's called. So I'm not helpful. But I am hopeful!


    Lol... being Greek myself Kirk, I can assure you that Lanthanum does not mean "To lie Hidden"... In fact it doesn't resemble any Greek word, or ancient Greek for that matter, that I'm familiar with... and I'm quite fluent!

      Lanthanum is a metal. The name comes from the word "lanthanōl" which does mean "to lie hidden"

      It's probably a word that is not in general use anymore.

      Ah, but are you an Ancient Greek?

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