If You're Getting A PS Vita, Don't Bite Your Nails

Earlier, Kotaku did a PS Vita size comparison to show not only the machine's size, but also that of the memory and game cards. In this video, my nimble fingers stick tiny cards in slots and then pull them out. Fascinating!


    What a ridiculous design. How long will it be until that game cover breaks off? I'd much prefer the psp hatch design.

      People really Do complain about anything..

        Yeah they do.... so much electronics use those hatches. They don't break there on to little slip things that have heaps of play in them.
        It's like not being a console because ones power button too clicky....

        He has a good point. I've had a few phones that use covers like that for the charger port or for the micro SD port and so on. They tend to wear out very quickly and break off.

          True enough. That was an issue with my previous phone. It didn't bother me much though. I could see the same thing here if they do break on the Vita, I'd just shrug and continue using it.

    looks fine to me :D

    The memory card isn't something you'll be constantly removing anyways.

    The game card looks like it will be a pain for my ape like fingers though.

    time for some finger mods, i cannot deal with finger nails there anying so finger mods it is

    Seriously, they couldn't use the same memory cards as the PSP for the Vita? I think it's a case of "let's get them to buy something else for no real reason".

    The way the memory card goes in is no big deal, since you're probably not going to be opening it and exchanging cards too often (unless you store all your games on them). Whereas the game cartridge you'll probably be exchanging games often so I dunno...I'm more concerned about if these game cards will snap at some point.

    For the last time...Sony used a new proprietary memory card format (again). Reasons being: A) they can keep control over DRM and prevent/postpone pirating for some time, B) they can standardize the read/write speeds of the cards (and that is the reason for their premium price), and C) it's Sony. They always use proprietary memory. LOL. And they didn't keep on using the PSP memory sticks because I'm assuming they wanted to raise the disk speeds by making a new standardized format.

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