Impale Your Feet In These Assassin's Creed Sneakers

These custom, hand-painted AC sneakers are the work of Sole Junkie, who was asked to create a pair of shoes inspired by the game.

"After doing some research and sketches...I came up with these," Sole Junkie blogged. "Nike Air Force One Mids with the Altair on the sides with logo hits... I think my rendering of the character is pretty good considering the surface area and the size of the imagery." That surface area, Sole Junkie pointed out, was around two inches.

Perfect for the individual who already owns the pocketless AC hoodie!

Assassin's Creed AF1 Mid by Sole Junkie [Sole Junkie via Albotas]


    Very nice, not sure if they will match my pleated pants I wear to work so i'll pass.

    These are just terrible.
    Video games and clothing shouldn't mix and neither should AF1s and feet.

    If these didn't have Ezio and Altair on I'd wear 'em.

    heres a unboxing

    Those look awful.

    I mean, the art is awesome, but those soles! The art would look way more awesome on a pair of black Chucks.

    Anyone who wears these might as well wear a big flashing Ubisoft sign.

    The coloured pictures of Altair don't really fit I think. Nice effort though, I guess.

    They remind me of cheap looking shoes children wear that have plastic decals placed on the side so that they can claim a little extra revenue through childish fandom, oh wait they are exactly the same. :D

    I've never understood decorating shoes. Also, no hidden blade sliding out of the front? Count me out there!

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