In Week Two Of The Vita Vs. 3DS Showdown, Guess Who Lost?

On Dec. 17, Sony released the PS Vita, its PSP successor. The PS Vita is a fine machine (read Kotaku's review). In its first week, Sony sold over 360,000 Vitas.

But during the machine's second week, sales plunged to approximately 72,000 machines sold. That's fewer than the PSP, which came in second in hardware sales with over 100,000 units moved.

The Nintendo 3DS, no stranger to sluggish post launch sales, sold a whopping 482,000 units, thanks to a strong game line-up.

The sales week, Dec. 19 to Dec. 25, coincided with the country's Christmas — meaning that far more people were getting 3DS handhelds than Vita ones.

To put things into context, the Wii (91,176 units) and the PS3 (75,479 units) took third and fourth place.

If the Nintendo 3DS is any indication, don't count any of these handhelds out.

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    It's early days, and a lot of people who bought the 3DS were heavily disappointed (me included), so the prospect of getting ANOTHER handheld is quite daunting.

    Also this is Japan. Nintendo stuff always sells well straight out of the blocks. The PSP sold badly initially there too. Wait until the next Monster Hunter is on the Vita. Sales will skyrocket.

      isnt the next Monster Hunter game on the 3DS? I didnt hear anything about having one on the Vita though i might have missed it if there is.

      which wont be for a while, as the next two handheld games have only been announced for the 3DS so far.

        Don't take that as definite. MH3 was Wii exclusive then the ultra version came out on PSP, and was remade for PS3 and then remade again for 3DS. MH jumps around a bit, don't expect it to stay locked to Nintendo. Especially with the crummy online 3DS has.

          You have no idea what you're talking about. Video game companies choose their platforms based on many factors, including hardware, fanbase, market share, reception, sale trends, and so on. Not just "crummy online".

          Just showing MH4 for the 3DS is a very strong message.

          By choosing the 3DS for both Monster Hunter 3 G, and Monster Hunter 4, it is quite apparent that Capcom doesn't share your opinion.

          You're wrong, the psp got MHP3, its not TRI, its an entirely different game, the 3DS is getting (already gotten) the ultra version of the wii one.

      Yeah except Japan is pretty much the only place where the PSP sold, so, if the PSV is being outsold in japan, its not looking good for it elsewhere.

        It sold amazing numbers in every territory. Eighty million units in fact. The "failure" was the fact the platform was heavily pirated but the same is true of the DS.

        Yes the DS has sold 130 million but those numbers can't be sneezed at.

    PSV needs Monster Hunt

    Add into that the fact the Vita is more expensive than the 3DS. If their price was even it'd be a different story. Im no Sony fanboy but I'd say its far from flopping at this point and seems to have far more potential.

    There's only one AAA title for the vita luanch uncharted but that's still one more than the 3DS had, however it's more of a western appeal title.I think what the 3DS luanch showed is people want games not gadgets.

    While as a hardcore gamer i am excited by what the Vita can offer i think it might have less success then the original PSP, especially in Japan. Japan is very slowly moving away from the traditional consoles/handhelds and i think with the vita as it is priced now doesn't help. It's also a bit of a worry that first week sales of the Vita, which you expect to be high for all the fanboys and tech nuts to be lining up for couldn't manage to beat the 3DS that launched half a year ago.

    One of the big things for me about the Vita though is not of the cost of the hardware itself and the necessary accessories (mem card to download games), it's that there is no physical option for software and that you are restricted to buying all software from the PS store. This means i am going to have to pay RRP - Aussie RRP, where i expect we will still get the Australian tax - and i can't shop around for a better price for games or go down to JB who would normally have it on release day for $10 cheaper. Also that means that potentially since everything is digital and Sony dosen't have to move stock, games that were released at launch could still end up costing launch RRP two years down the road when most physical copies for other systems would have been slashed by $30-40.

      Well Matt you must have missed alot as the psv has games that you can still but it store it's no different to any other system we have the option for both psv games came on cards similar to the ds cards

      Import from play-asia and use cards. That's what I'm going to do. It's region free so you can still buy retail games in Australia if you feel like getting ripped off.

    Why does everybody think the only way to buy Vita games is online? It's been said all along that they'll be at retail too.

    Is anyone surprised? Sony handhelds always get walloped by Nintendo handhelds.

      80 million sales ain't bad :)

        72.4 million worldwide...sounds good until you compare it to the competition which currently stands at 150.6 million.

        It's a massacre :P

          "Successful" doesn't necessarily mean it had to sell the most units compared to the competition. Just that it had to sell enough to make a decent profit. And clearly that happened with the PSP, or else Sony wouldn't bother with a new system.

    LOL everyone defending the Vita. IT'S A POS!

      Umm no it's a hardcore handheld in a market that has no room for it.

      It's a magnificent machine but convergence devices are the way of the future.

    The Vita is like $500, I'm certain that a lot of people are hesitant after the downfall of the 3DS and also because it seems like a riskier investment

      Just noticed the local pricing is a bit more realistic @ $350-$420 - I was looking at importing prices

    I've got mine on Pre-order at the moment. What has shocked me is the lack of advertisement for it. Even retailer knowledge of the machine is lacking. Game and Eb staff couldn't answer any basic questions about the Vita without referring to a computer. It's almost like no one knows its coming. Surely they would want to build some hype before release?

      I've hardly seen much promotion from Sony either, and it's a shame that the company is heavily relying on the word of mouth on the Internet to do all the hard work.

      At least that's how I see it.

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