Indies Unhappy With The New Xbox Dashboard

If you count the directions keyed on the D-pad (or the left stick) it takes 17 button presses to reach the Indie Games section of the Xbox Live Marketplace under the new Xbox dashboard, which released this week. It takes only eight buttons to get to the Xbox Live Arcade and Games on Demand catalogues.

Indie developers, naturally, are pissed about this. They weren't easy to find under the old one, either. What's more, all Indie Games are listed in a single grouping, searchable by release date, rating and most downloaded. Sorting by title organises them alphabetically, but if the one you want begins with Z, you'll be scrolling through a tonne of listings.

"This is just a giant F-U to all of us. There is simply no other way to put it," Pouncing Kitten Games wrote in this developer forum. "Put 2000+ games in a single list and give less than a half dozen filtering options, not including genre? Good call. Whoever made that decision should be fired immediately."

Indie devs weren't happy with the last redesign. For Microsoft's part, a representative told the comment thread that he's gathering feedback to guide how the channel is organised and presented in the new layout.

Indie Devs Unhappy With Xbox Live Dashboard Update [The Escapist]


    Oh waah. The indie guys are the whiniest bunch of schoolgirls going around. They cry everytime ms sneeze near them. Maybe if they made good games instead of endless copies of themselves they'd get treated a little better.


      Whilst I agree the quality isn't there, they are in business and they're not getting shelf space so they can't move product. Hardly whining. I don't really think ms should be having operate sections for indie, live arcade and full games anyway. Steam doesn't and that seems to work fine.

        Exactly. I hate the notion that Indie games should have their own section. I don't care if a game is made by one guy or a hundred guys, as long as it's good.

          It is cheaper to publish a game via the Indie Games channel. If Microsoft wants to convince established developers to go the more expensive XBLA route, then it needs to differentiate them some how. Burying Indie Games is one way of doing that.

      It probably wasn't whiny to start with but anything that goes up on the escapist automatically gets a whine filter placed over it in case it doesn't quite reach the levels required for the site.

    I browse through the indie games section often. Iv ever only found one game I have liked. The rest are minecraft rip offs, massage games, Or stuff with zombies

    These guys make a game then do ZERO marketing & expect to rely on MSFT totally for exposure & sales. Most(not all) have clunky/slow/boring rip-offs of flash games from yesteryear.

    Also to those people who think there should not be a 'indie' section well all the "big" name studios pay through the nose to have premium space. MSFT is offering a FREE'ish platform to distribute software.

    The clicks hardly seems like the problem here. The lack of a suitable way to sort the games for the consumer is a problem.

    Most indie games are rip-offs anyways...

    I like the design layout of the new dashboard. Better than the previous one and I didn't mind that either.

    Much more streamlined... but I don't like the way they have organised their games. I don't think MS has yet accomplished a great layout for games A-Z and all that yet. Hopefully they do minor updates here and there and don't make everyone put up with some of the bad things for a whole year.

    Took me like an hour to find Beyond Good & Evil that is on sale. I ended up using the Bing search and even then, the keyboard is crap for that.

    this issue aside, the new dashboard is a sack of shit!!!

    The whole dashboard takes longer to move around now, until you get used to the bumpers as shortcuts for the top level stuff.

    I'm all for the integration of windows 8 and windows mobile with xbox but the usability should have been first.

    Why can't they just give us some favourites slots? First tab would be my favourites. One or 2 buttons to get to anything I'd use.

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