Internode And iiNet Are Merging To Face The Challenges Of The NBN

Over at our sister site Lifehacker, Angus Kidman has a great look at how the iiNet/Internode merger will affect customers of either brand but, interestingly enough, it appears as though the merger came about as result of the impending challenges of the NBN.

According to Internode's Managing Director Simon Hackett, it's all about managing the size and relative strengths of both companies.

"We are heading into the NBN era and it’s all about scale," he said. "We would have had the money in the bank but we wouldn’t have had scale. The size of Internode on its own is right at the bottom edge of what we’ve considered to be viable for an NBN retail provider. It would be a dangerous thing for us to go into that era only just being big enough."

As for the nitty gritty of how it affects consumers, it hasn't quite been nailed down yet, and things will continue to evolve over time.

“Internode will get extra Fetch TV channels and we’ll expand their access to our Freezone content,” said iiNet CEO Michael Malone.

iiNet users also get unmetered access to iTunes, but Malone is unsure as to whether that deal will be applied to Internode users after the merger goes through.

“In terms of the specifics, we’ll hammer that out over the next few months,” Malone said. “It’s still to be decided.”

There are no current plans to change either iiNet or Internode's pricing plans.

How The iiNet Deal Affects Internode Customers [Lifehacker]


    I prefer the name InterNet. Wait...



      Win! We need to change the headline to "Iinet and Internode create the InterNet"

      Hahahaha, omg seriously they need to try this. So freakin' funny (Yo dawg, I heard you like the internet...)

    Didn't iinet recently buy out Netspace? and now a merger with Internode? I'm not sure if this is growth or just survival.

    Should call it iinternode

    Well that kills my plan to get away from iinet by changing to internode when I move house.

    You never know, we MIGHT luck out and get decent value for money with good customer service. Stranger things have happened

    Not many, granted

      Just sign up to bigpond...

        Yes for their award winning customer service with a personal touch, their excellent value plans and the millions of free sexual favours. All of these are legitimate benefits of being a telstra customer.

    This is an extract from the Internode Website

    Simon Hackett said Internode’s customers and staff would benefit from the change of company ownership. “It’s business as usual," he said. “All of our customer services and the quality of care from our dedicated and friendly staff members will continue. With access to larger ADSL2+ coverage of the iiNet group (who use the same DSL equipment as Internode), customers can look forward to a dramatic increase in the geographic reach of our flagship ‘Easy Broadband ADSL2+’ and fetchtv services."

    If anyone is interested in finding more information have a read

    Ahhh crap, pissed off enough at my internode plan going up 10 dollars

      If they raise your current contract price, your 12/24 month lock in period is removed and you can cancel the contract without an early leaver's fee. And you should to show them you won't take an unjustified price rise.

    Mr monopoly is an apt logo choice.

    Friendly competition is good for everyone.

      Yeah and unfriendly competition is war.

    I wonder if this will affect Internode's service to gamers & unmetered Steam downloads?

    Ah shit, was thinking of switching to internode. Now if i do ill still have connection problems.

    Won't change that TPG is the only ISP that charges what everyone should be charging. Just a shame that anyone more than a block from the city gets a shoddy connection.

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