Iran Wants To Make A Game About Attacking Israel

There are sections of EA's blockbuster Battlefield 3 in which the player controls an American soldier fighting on the streets of Tehran. It went down pretty well in most places, but Iran isn't most places.

The state, a long-time foe of the US government, has lodged complaints with the game's developers over the setting, and even banned Battlefield 3 from sale in Iran.

For Iran's state-run National Foundation of Computer Games, though, that's not enough. They've banded together and announced Attack on Tel Aviv, a game that is as direct a response to EA's game as you can get. The NFCG's Behruz Minaii says the title "will feature Iran's reaction toward depicting an American soldier on Tehran's streets in Battlefield 3".

That reaction does not include sternly-worded letters. "The United States is governed by the Zionist Regime so Attack on Tel Aviv would make Americans angrier than a game about an attack on Washington," Minaii says.

Right. Before EA can respond in turn with Attack on Attack on Tel Aviv, note that there's no accompanying hard details on the project, and that this is coming from a state-run group in Iran, so it's as likely to be vapourware as it is the next holiday blockbuster shooter.

Iranian game makers preparing "Attack on Tel Aviv" [Tehran Times]


    The thing is, Battlefield 3 is separate from the US Government, and never intended it to be the truth. Iran hates Israel, though, and the government would probably love to invade.

    This is incredibly disturbing.

      Though even with the allowances to free speech that make games about attacking Iran, russia, etc, there's often going to be a fuss about doing it the other way around. The idea that a simulated western soldier can be killed just pisses some people off. (MoH for example)

    On second thought, let's not go to Iran... 'tis a silly place...

      Keyboard, meet coffee (almost). LOL. Best comment of the week.

    I don't have a problem with this. Freedom of creative expression isn't limited to only the people you agree with. Game might even turn out to be good too.

      I'd play it. Would be interesting if done right...

    “The United States is governed by the Zionist Regime".. so true. Watching the US presidential candidates constantly suck up to Israel is nauseating.. i know that's who buys them off, but still..

    so like MW2 but instead of Russia invading its Iran LOL.

    Don't worry guys, it's most likely gonna suck

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