Is Resident Evil 6 Going To China?

Survival horror game Resident Evil 4 was set in Europe — OK, Spain. RE5 was set in Africa. And the inevitable RE6?

The game has not yet been officially announced, but Capcom mentioned it to Kotaku in the past. And Capcom producer Masachika Kawata is even hinting that the game might not be survival horror. So what do we know?

Website The Silent Chief located a voice actor resume that could hint at the game's setting. Wendy Mok, who also voiced an islander in Dead Island, put "Chinese Villager/Zombie" for "Video Game: Resident Evil 6" on her resume. The voice actor has since removed "Chinese Villager/Zombie" from her resume, but kept "Resident Evil 6" on her LinkedIn page.

If Capcom does set the game in China and if there's no zombie real estate, I will be sorely disappointed.

Kotaku is following up with Capcom and will update this post should the company comment.

Will Resident Evil 6 Take Place in China? [The Silent Chief via Siliconera]

Top photo: Eugene Hoshiko/AP


    I remember the good old days when zombie infestations were an all-American past-time like baseball and invasions of Washington D.C.

    Oh please let the main character be an African mowing down Chinese zombies. That's not going to cause controversy ><

      I would be really interested to see N'Gai Croals comments if it is.

    If they go Asia with the setting use Mongolia, the place is mostly desert and would be perfect for Umbrella or whoever the main villanous company is these days. I lost my interest after RE5, which was action shooter and not survival horror!!

    I thought they wore going to do a reboot after RE5....

      This is what I had hoped would turn out to be the case... because I do remember them saying that soon after RE5's release. But I never really expected them to actually do it :-P

    I think Capcom will include elements of Grand theft auto V (for single mode), Assassin's Creed (for spy mode), Batman Arkham City (for fighting mode), Skyrim V (for maps and open world mode), Modern Warfare 3 (for shoot the zombie), and Battlefield 3 (for multiplayer mode and to ride helicopters, jet planes, tanks, submarines, and ferrari).

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