It’s A New Mass Effect 3 Trailer

It’s A New Mass Effect 3 Trailer
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The VGA Awards Mass Effect 3 trailer has hit, demonstrating one way to handle a gigantic intelligent robot creature hell-bent on the extinction of everything: Giant bug sex.

I’m not sure what sort of twisted ancient intelligence built a temple for the sole purpose of unleashing an enormous amorous insect on any Reapers that might be passing by, but you have to admire their preparedness and forethought.


  • So a fairly basic Heavy from previous games can now go toe-to-toe with what’s supposedly a galactic Old God? Geez, Thresher Maws could be stomped by the Mako or on foot. Seems they threw this in here just so they can have their Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla scene.

    • +1
      Pretty much just a poor writing 101, there’s probably a trope somewhere with examples. If you want your story to have a happy ending don’t make the bad guys so powerful that their defeat is completely unbelieveable, basically don’t make the enemy cthulu unless you want the humans to lose.

      • It could be a simple scenario of size vs maneuverability. A Mako is designed to out maneuver thresher maws, whereas a reaper ship looks like its designed as a long ranged firefighter which means once you can get inside its firing arc…its screwed

  • Maybe it’s a super Thresher Maw. Think the sand worms from Dune.

    “Only the big ones travel this deep.”

    Regardless, I think it looks fantastic and it did its job. It has gotten me even more excited about this game. If there are lots of set pieces like this then I will be a happy man. That and all the other stuff that they have shown with the game so far 😀

  • Recon that button is a byproduct of the Thresher Maw tests Cerberus was running in the first game?

    Kind of like a homing beacon for them?

  • Mass Effect is the new Call Of Duty. That engine looks old and busted, the animations look really stilted, but updating it would get in the way of profitability. This trailer made me really even less excited than before for this release.

    • You realise that
      1) BioWare DID update the engine between 2-3, so.. ‘old and busted’, yep.
      2) Stilted animations? Every single 3rd person action game run in real-time will look stilted on occasion because the character model will not always interact/clip through the environment.
      3) “The new CoD” Yep. A series that has relied on its gameplay, characterisation and well-written story arcs should of course be criticised for its engine, which has been updated. Same way novel sequels should be slammed for the colour of the spine.

      • No, he’s exactly right. Mass Effect games come out every year, the only reasons to purchase them being the tiny, linear story and reskinned multiplayer.

      • Mass Effect was the very first Bioware game I have ever purchased. Mass Effect 3 will be the last. I’m getting it only for completions sake, not because I think it will be a good game. Bioware is continuing with the “third person shooter with RPG elements” style from Mass Effect 2 and now includes multiplayer. Bioware has already stated that they want Call of Duty’s Audience and they are perfectly willing to “streamline” (i.e almost remove) all the RPG elements in the game to do it. Casey Hudson promised to add more and deeper RPG mechanics into Mass Effect 3 but it seems all we have gotten is basic weapon modification. The series now has more in common with Gears of War than the original Mass Effect in terms of gameplay. It’s a shame because the series had so much potential too.

        • I agree with Mass Effect trying to grab some of the CoD demographic via multiplayer and each game becomes less RPG and micro-management but there’s still a WORLD of difference between them.

          So far, I don’t see Mass Effect getting paid subscriptions or hitting you up for constant map packs and questionable DLC. If and once they do, I’ll be calling out for BioWare’s blood as loud as any of you. As it stands, it’s still primarily an action RPG that happens to be the most original Sci-Fi IP in recent years, with BioWare’s typically well-written dialogue.

          • You people are dumb trolls, the story line in the Mass Effect series even though its not the greatest is still better than the story line in almost all other games. Old and broken, I would say that you are young and have no idea about the history of graphics in games and how much effort is required to actually make games of this caliber in the first place. When was the last time you coded a game engine?

          • This is such a tired response. People who complain about people complaining are far worse than anyone. You need to challenge these people because they are taking a lot of your money and stand to make millions. I completely understand the complexities of creating a game engine, but lets compare this to a game like Halo for example:

            Halo one came out at the start of the Xbox’s life span. It was really damn good, not unlike Mass Effect 1. Halo 2 came out 3 years later and hugely updated the engine (on the same console, mind you) and many gameplay elements including the multiplayer. Halo 3 came out and genuinely updated that all over again another 3 years later. And then Reach after that. You can tell the difference between all three because work was put into making them ACTUAL sequels, not “episodes” of the same game using the same engine. Whether you like Halo or not is irrelevant, you can’t deny the progress shown with each iteration.

            Mass Effect looks like it needs another year of development time, they are rushing it out in 2 years instead of 3 and this is going to affect the quality of the product.

            Yes they have updated the engine, but not in any significant way. The bland, sparse environment shown in this video actually looks like a step back from the first two graphically. And don’t give me that “graphics don’t matter” rubbish because they very much do, they are the first thing you see and without them you might have to pay close attention to the story.

            And when you pay attention to the story, you’ll realise it’s pretty stock standard “the universe is in trouble and *of course* you’re the only one who can stop it” sci-fi fare. Don’t get me wrong, the setting and backstory are really intriguing, so much so that I want to cry with how badly they squander it focusing on a character as unbelievable as Shepard.

            There’s no way the universe would give ultimate power to a man (or woman, if you’re a self-proclaimed feminist / lonely desperate dude) who seems to be experiencing everything in this game for the first time and asking questions everyone else knows the answer to. It would be a political nightmare having some soldier who appears to have spent his whole life secluded from the rest of the universe and its cultural melting pot blasting his way across known space with no repercussions.

            How about instead of being blinded by the hype, you put your critical-thinking cap on and actually think about the things you consume. We may actually get some accountability from the developers / publishers if you do.

          • If you believe BioWare stupid enough to do to their games what Activision did to CoD, you should probably just leave.

  • People seem to be bitching about Mass Effect 3, a game of which they have only seen bits and pieces of thus far, to be becoming too “action-y” and of a Michael Bay ilk. I think this is all somewhat stupid and part of the gaming culture where it’s cool to be massively jaded about everything and anything that capitlises on success is somehow “losing it’s way.”

    Can people have a little more faith that Bioware, a studio that has produced more of my favourite games than any other, actually know what they’re doing? So all you’ve seen is action sure. That’s probably because explosions and dramatic set pieces are perfect for the few minutes in which a game has to cram in enticing content. There are hundreds of fascinating non-exploding moments in the Mass Effect series thus far but without giving away massive spoilers would you say they fit in well into a trailer? No, trailers are to get you excited and pumped for a game. Brilliant though they are, a to and a half minute snippet of conversation/plot development won’t have nearly the same impact.

    I trust Bioware to get this down right, because if they don’t, I’ll be one of the first in the ensuing mob to be tearing down their studio gates! 😛

      • Well yes, I definitely miss the mako and trauling through menus looking to see if there was a slightly better weapon the before I sold it. Really dumbed everything down for ME2. Menu navigation is the arena of intellectual giants you understand.

    • But what if those people who are clamouring at the gates feel that the time to do so is now?

      I have some minor problems with the changes made from ME1 to 2, but whilst I’ve accepted that those changes have improved the series… I am flabbergasted at the changes made between DA:Origins and DA:2.
      That was a case of stripping the things that made a great game, to replace them with ‘more visceral action’.
      Whilst I haven’t jumped and screamed at the gates of Edmonton, if I thought they were doing the same thing to Mass Effect… I’d too would be out there with my pitchfork.

      • DA2 was hilarious in the fact they stripped down so much of the RPG elements that you can’t even deck out your companions’ armour. They have that great throwaway line “your companions make their own choices about what to wear!” like it’s a good thing.

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