It’s The World’s First Gaming Laptop Delay

It’s The World’s First Gaming Laptop Delay

Originally slated for release before Christmas, Razer’s ambition Razer gaming laptop has run into supply issues pushing shipping back to mid to late January. Don’t cry, they’re throwing in a free gaming mouse. You can’t cry when there’s a free mouse involved.

In a comment posted on Razer’s Facebook page earlier this week, company CEO Min-Liang Tan apologized for the unexpected delay of the Razer Blade, apparently caused by a smaller-than-expected supply if the 256GB solid state drives the $US2799.99 gaming laptop were recently been upgraded with (the system was originally configured with a 320GB SATA drive). While Razer didn’t add to the price of the machine to reflect the $US300-$500 price of the new drives, it looks like customers will instead be paying in time.

We worked really hard to have the Razer Blade ready for launch and it was a painful decision for us to delay this till after Christmas but we decided the upgrade from the HDD to the SSD drive was just something we wanted to have as gamers ourselves.


We apologise to all those of you who have been eagerly looking forward to getting a Razer Blade for yourself for Christmas and we’re truly sorry for disappointing you.

To show how sorry they truly are, folks that head to the product page for the Blade and click the “Notify Me” button will score a free Razer Orochi Blade Edition gaming mouse for their trouble. Decked out in black and green, the mouse was originally planned to be an accessory marketing with the laptop; well now it’s included.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on one of these babies somewhere around launch time so we can let you know how well $US2,800 of laser-focused gaming laptop works out.

Good News & Bad News – Blade Shipment Status [Facebook]


  • lol… surprise, surprise…

    Maybe they’re using this delay to figure out how to put a proper mobile GPU in this thing to actually make it worth the exorbitant price tag…

    • Because that whole multi-function, multitouch screen next to the keyboard is hella cheap and a standard feature on all gaming laptops right?

      • …multi-function, multitouch gimmick next to the keyboard…

        FTFY 🙂

        All laptop owners I know that use them solely for games use an external KB / G13…

        • You may find it to be a gimmick. I don’t and I’m sure others don’t as well.

          And yes, I use mine with an external kb as well IF I’m at home. At a lan though? I just cart the laptop and my mouse. As do all laptop gamers I know.

  • Hmm $2600 to have a gaming laptop or spend $1300 for a great core I7 2600k with a Ati hd6950, fatal1ty mobo, 16gb ram, still my desktop is going to crap all over this laptop, still there is not a laptop that exists that ever compares to a modern desktop that you build yourself for the same price, meh what can I say colour me unimpressed.

  • I contacted a local supplier and they were told Australia would not be getting a release of the Razer Blade laptop until early 2013. It would be nice to get one this first quarter as well.

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