Japan PS Vita Sales Drop 78 Per Cent In A Week

Japan PS Vita Sales Drop 78 Per Cent In A Week

Sony’s latest handheld had a cracking debut last weekend in Japan, hitting 325,000 sales in just two days. Unfortunately, the console hasn’t been able to sustain the momentum, even with the benefit of Christmas, pushing a paltry 72,000 the following week.

It’s typical for sales of new consoles to fall significantly in the week immediately after release, once the fans have had their fill, but an almost 80 per cent plummet is unusual. The facts and figures are outlined in this article on MSNBC, which also points out the 3DS only had a 44 per cent drop over the same time frame when it was first released.

Nintendo, on the other hand, saw its portable go gang-busters in Japan over Christmas, with 480,000 sold leading up to the world’s biggest day of gift exchanging. It helps the 3DS is half the price of the PS Vita and has a more mature line-up of games, after initially struggling for months to put some compelling titles forward.

We’ll have to watch how the Vita goes when it launches here and in the States, but it’s not going to help that we won’t be able to purchase 32GB memory cards.

Vita sales drop sharply in Japan [MSNBC]


  • Considering how much everyone was talking up the Vita (hell, it is some sexy hardware) I expected it to be 1:1 with DS the whole holiday. Be interesting to see how week 2 sales go.

    • Everyone’s been saying it will fail due to the iPhone and android phones. No one thinks vita will succeed despites it’s charms.

      • I really can’t agree with people who say those sorts of things. Sure, the iOS store and Android Market have brought on a how new group of gamers, but people like me who have been gamers for 2 decades aren’t suddenly ditching our xboxs, playstations, and/or nintendo too only play simplistic phone games. The Android and iPhone gamers are a huge market, but I don’t exactly think they are stealing the classic gaming market. Yes I play Fruit Ninja and other people phone games, but I wouldn’t choose that over a lengthy console/PC game

        • Damn straight. These opinions only seem to come from clueless non gamers alot of the time.
          Future headline:
          Beyonce spotted playing Angry Birds, handheld consoles on final legs?
          Wouldnt surprise me

        • I did ditch dedicated handhelds once I got a smart phone. I don’t want present myself as the rule, but we definetly exist.

          • Thats cool. I enjoy playing a bit of Sonic & Angry Birds on my fone occassionally. Theres no reason they cant co-exsist.

        • Obviously anyone who has a xbox, ps3, wii or uses their PC for playing games isn’t going to stop doing that because they occasionally play plants vz zombies on the bus, they are completely different experiences – but I think a lot of people with a smartphone will change their opinion about buying a dedicated handheld game console this generation.

          Hopefully the rise of the smartphone helps to erase the word ‘gamer’

  • And did you cross reference these figures with stock availability? no, you didn’t, because you’re shit at your job and you’d prefer sensationalist bullshit.

    • And did you bother to check the first link? No, you didn’t, because you’re shit at commenting and you’d prefer sensationalist bullshit.

      “As sister site Kotaku Japan pointed out, the PS Vita sold 321,407 units in its first two days on sale. Sony shipped over 700,000 units, meaning that around 46 per cent of the initial shipment was sold. [Kotaku Japan]”

      • I’m sure I read that all the 16gb,32gb memory cards where sold out though – could the lack of value in the lower cards be stopping people from buying the whole system?

    • Sorry? How is this sensationalist? Sales were down 78 per cent from the week before. That’s the facts.

      As for stocks: only 65 per cent of initial stocks were sold at launch. Seeing as 325,000 were sold, that leaves 175,000. Minus 72,000 units leaves over 100,000. That’s a fair chunk of stock left. Not loads, but not nothing either.

      These numbers are from Nikkei and Media Create.


  • Wow, calm down Beb. Elsewhere on the internet it’s been stated that Sony had over 500,000 units available for purchase, so in other words, there are still over 100,000 in shops waiting to be taken home. No use lashing out at Logan when you clearly haven’t read anything on the Vita anywhere other than Kotaku lately. Why so angry and personal anyway? Take a chill pill.

  • I wonder how much of this is simply due to a lack of compelling software and a result of the PSP itself still being a more attractive proposition in Japan? The fact you need to re-buy any PSP games you have on UMD and want to transfer over, even at a discount, is possibly a big factor as well, because only a handful of the library can be transferred. I also suspect that the cost and availability of memory sticks which are essentially required are a big factor as well, combined the Vita is fairly expensive compared to the 3DS.

    • That’s exactly how I saw it. Because the PSP is still so popular in Japan, there’s almost no reason for people to upgrade to the Vita. No UMD backwards-compatibility would have looked silly to people who still play PSP games regularly (and I imagine they would lose all their game saves as well? I don’t think those who have two thousand hours logged in Monster Hunter would like that :P)

      I imagine it could be different everywhere else, because the PSP pretty much never gets a mention anymore. All the more reason to buy the next model.

  • I think Vita is strong enough not to write it off yet – first and second week buying figures are just that. There are some factors riding against it, but I’ve heard “Disappointing sales!” in the first week of a console’s lifespan before.
    Maybe they need to cut the price, address the PSP issues, increase memory card capacities and drop the price, invigorate their marketing, etc etc etc. But with the amount of money Sony’s invested in this thing, do you really think they won’t do whatever they can?
    Competition between 3DS and Vita is good, as far as I’m concerned, because it means we all win.

    • Too right Stu! We the consumers need that healthy competition so I hope Sony sticks this out and finds a solution. That said, I won’t be getting one in the near future due to me needing a new PSP to play my UMDs that can’t be played due to my broken PSP and the PS Vita not having UMD functionality 🙁

  • Didnt the first PS hand held have a similar sales record? All great when it was initially released, then died in the arse?

    • I thought it was the other way around i.e. struggled early but came good later on, largely due to Monster Hunter.

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  • Oh well. I have no doubt that the psv will succeed. All these doom gloomers saying this will fail, the 3DS will fail, bla bla bla.

    I’ll be getting this. Can’t wait.

  • I just bought a psp…it is fun, very good console! Fits in my hands better than the 3ds…

    Might get the vita once the price drops…

  • those angry fanboys saying vita will beat the 3ds at launch, say what now?!?!? vita had the advantage too, holiday sale, dozens of games and it was same price as 3ds which i heared ppl say “OMFG TATS CHEAP” (e3)….. looking forward to AU/US/EU launch and see how it performs

  • I see no reason why portables and smartphones can’t exist together. They offer very different experiences.
    And I can’t believe some people in the US believe $250 is too much. Are you kidding? That seems like a fair price to me, I would happily pay that. Us Aussies will be charged 400-450. Now that’s a lot.

    • I’ve been very happy with my iPhone gaming experiences. The only thing that gets to me is the lack of physical controls for games that need them.

      The tactile response is important, but not critical. No, what kills it for me is having half the screen obscured by my hands. I just don’t know who people play games like Dead Space on iPhone and enjoy it — no offense, IronMonkey. 🙂

      • Lol yeah im with you there Logan!
        I’ve tried playing Duke 3d on my fone a number of times…..its incredibly frustrating to control!

    • I don’t think people in the US think 250 is more than the unit is worth so much as the fact it is more than they can afford. There really isn’t a lot of money floating arpund for luxury products atm. I think it’d take a while for any new console to go gang busters over there.

  • Look, you really wanna know whats gonna happen in the PSV vs 3DS battle?

    Same thing as last time PSP vs DS.

    Sony might close the gap more this time though.

  • This doesn’t really mean anything, people could just be waiting for a price drop or for more games to come out like myself.

    • that’s pretty much what I’m thinking.

      large sales for the first few days for all the crazy people that just have to have the latest hardware right now.

      then everyone else is like, wheres monster hunter and the rpgs we japanese luv soo much? -hey look over there, its a 3ds at half the price with lots of games we like!!!

      It seems so many hardware launches, and now reveals (wii u) have been high on the disapoint in recent years.

  • I am expecting that all the WiFi models sold out, and that the remaining are 3G models that haven’t sold as much because of price.

  • Am in Hong Kong. Managed to pick up a Chinese/Hong Kong version vita yesterday. But put it this way, 9 out of the 10 places i went to had sold out and only had the japanese version of it. They have a lot of vitas on back order here as the first stocks sold out. Not sure what it all means though…just saying

  • I wonder what Brian Ashcraft is thinking, after months of mocking the 3DS and saying how much of a failure it and Nintendo are and how great Sony and the Vita is and now it is failing worse than the 3DS

  • I think Sony have had a marketing faliure. Anecdotally speaking, non-gamers are barely even aware there’s a new device on the way.

  • These are my thoughts: At this point, the Vita is a new contender and the 3DS, being that it has established a foothold, it has held at semi-stable sales. I think that in the future, and after the NA/EU release, the perception to the consumer will be much clearer. In other words, once the Vita has established a foothold of its own, it will start picking up steam. The problem is that its predecessor was successful for its software line-up later in the life-cycle. I really want to see the VIta make it there, and believe it damn well has the potential to do so.

  • Best of luck to them.

    Must admit that my PSP became more or less unused once I got seriously into smartphone usage, not because of gaming (I don’t game on the phone) but because I can browse, comment, email etc while mobile. Gaming isn’t the only portable entertainment besides books and music now. More time for gaming at home on the full size console or PC. I think portable consoles are doomed: but at least going the power route like the Vita gives the chance of people using it practically like a cheaper portable console. As long as the games have the quality to support it.

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