JB Hi-Fi's Exclusive Capcom Pre-Order Bonus

If wall scrolls and pre-order bonuses are your thing, then you might want to head into JB Hi-Fi at some stage and slap the cash down for Asura's Wrath, Street Fighter X Tekken or Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

According to the JB site, the scrolls are exclusive to the retailer, so no need for collectors to look elsewhere (other than eBay once the games are available). Each game will set you back $89 and are available on Xbox 360 and PS3, with the exception of Raccoon City, which is also coming out on PC.

Not sure how big the scrolls are — I couldn't find dimensions on the website — and it'd be nice to see a photo to at least try and judge the quality of the printing, but I'm sure they'll look nice in whatever room you've claimed as your gaming den. Even if said den is simply your toilet, having Ryu's oddly-proportioned hand staring you in the face from the back of the bog door has a... certain allure. Right?

Capcom Bonuses [JB Hi-Fi, thanks Ethan]


    Capcom hates early adopters though. I predict all these games will be re-released within a year.

      Haven't you heard?

      March : Street Fighter X Tekken
      April : Super Street Fighter X Tekken (Includes one new character and the latest patch!!!, dont forget the 10 new characters you can buy for DLC just for this game)
      May: Super Street Fighter X Tekken: Special Edition (its special because it comes with a shinny cover :D)
      June: Ultimate Super Street Fighter X Tekken: Special Edition (Includes a voucher for 20% off all DLC)
      July: Ultimate Super Street Fighter X Tekeen: Special Edition Turbo (increased the movement speed by 2%)
      August: Ultimate Super Street Fighter X Tekeen: Special Edition Turbo Prestige Edition (all the speed , now in a shinny new hard case)
      And finally
      September: Ultimate Super Street Fighter X Tekeen: Special Edition Turbo Game of the Year Edition (voted by capcom.com, and includes a patch and enables the original promise of Online Mode!!)

        You forgot about the Arcade Editions http://store.steampowered.com/app/45760/ :P

    ^^ the truth

    dont forget the dlc that unlocks the cheats :D

      And unlocking all the training mode missions.
      And those dreaded gems.

      I was so excited about this game but all the BS around it has killed off all the hype. I'm not interested in the slightest.
      Staying clear of all things Capcom for a while.

    "Pre order bonus; unlock a bit more of the game you've already paid for"
    And be thankful for the privilege.

    Ugh? No boxed released for Street Fighet X Tekken on PC? Not that it matters, I mean id be buying it on steam anyways..

    filed under PC? How insulting.

    filed under PC? How insulting.

      wtf, double post? Dammit.

    3 retail copies of SF4 released in 3-4 years and everyone's upset.
    What are the chances these are the same people frothing at the mouth while waiting for the next yearly installment of ?
    Oh, SSF4 and AE were also budget priced titles. Yeah. Capcom sucks. For reals. No sarcasm there.

      "next yearly installment of Sport/Shooter Franchise"

      Silly angle brackets.

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