JB Hi-Fi Has A Pretty Good Sale Tonight...

They're calling it JB's Gift Giving Frenzy. Starting from 6pm today until late JB Hi-Fi have a pretty decent sale going on, and I'm thinking of heading over the road to my local to check it out, considering the fact they have some petty good sales in the games department.

Batman: Arkham City for $55 is the one that jumps out at me. As does an Xbox 360 for $169 (the 4GB model). How about Gears of War3 for $47? Yep. Come this evening my moneys will be seriously depleted.


    I wonder if anyone's gonna get pepper sprayed here. :D

    My local JB closes at 6pm.

      They will likely be staying open later specifically for this sale... check on their website.

      They have regular sales (called "Friends and Family"?) that have similar discounts and are only after normal business hours.

      What happens is they close the store as usual and then a little while later, reopen for those who are there for the sale.

      It's a very good deal and anyone who's interested should go. Of course, they've had 20% off DVDs and BluRays for a few days now, so I'm well stocked in everything I would have bought anyhow.

        Yeah I bought the Daria boxset yesterday with the shirt... but the shirt is a ladies large :'(

          So a Men's medium.

          WEAR THAT SHIRT!!!

    Might have to grab myself an Arkham City me thinks even if I am flying out of the country for a month on Friday...

    LA Noire for $39 is a pretty sweet deal. Too bad the GOTY edition is just around the corner.

      its already out i think

        Already out, purchased a week ago at EB for 60 bucks. Excellent stuff.

    GEARS 3 is $44 at GAME and they have Brink for $9... i know its still makes you think is it worth it still...

      Brink for $9? didn't it only come out last year? must be pretty bad game

        It was very poorly received due to poor AI in the single-player, and not a very large community in the multi-player effectively making the game unplayable.

        And it came out May of this year.

          The only other game they're selling for $9 is Kane & Lynch and yet still - I'm sorely tempted. Also they have Star Wars Force Unleashed II for $20 and I'm tempted by that - damn cheap craptacular games!

      Complete Edition is already out

    Yay, finally some Wii/3DS/DS games will get discounts then. Surely.

    How convenient... It was my birthday Monday and I ended up with a stack of JB vouchers and no idea what to use them on. Guess I'll drop in for a look tonight.


    Harvery Norman felt the need to one up JB.

      Hah, I recently went out to buy a new 360 and when I asked the price at Myers they told me, amongst other prices for different versions, that they had the 4GB 360 on clearance for $100 or some bullshit price. Suffice to say they didn't have any stock left though :P

    I wanna get The Roots' latest album but I think that comes out on Friday :(

    As far as games and BD/DVD go I think I'm good at the moment (WHAAA)

    Argh why tonight? The one night of the week I don't play games and am nowhere near a JB outlet!

    Why cant they do these sales on the 15th when us slaves to the dollar, get paid our monthly food scraps?

      This is what responsible use of a credit card is about.

    I think I'll go and see if I can get The Clone Wars Season 3 tonight then :D

      I might see about picking up a copy of that as well. I've seen the first two seasons and swore to myself I'd watch the third before TOR came out, which I've yet to do.

    And of course I get paid on Thursday! Argh!

    I once cared about sales, but then I took an arrow to the knee

      seriously, let it die, that's becoming worse than "The Cake is a Lie"

        I once cared about cake, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    If you hadn't heard, Harvey Norman are doing the 4gb slim xbox for $158 for today only... i got mine this morning!!!!

      Yeah I heard. Seriously thinking about buying a second 360.

    I'm going to tell my mummy about that xbox 360 deal.
    And then be a good boy for santa.
    Thanks for the info, much appreciated, would've never known about this sale otherwise.

    Excellent news, thanks for the heads up. My son really wants AFL Live for xmas, this is perfect timing.

    Xbox is $11 cheaper at Harvey Norman. Sneaky undercut there.

    wow apple mini for 626 dollars :D, better than paying 679 from apple (student pricing included), and not that bad over the US who enjoy 600 dollars for the same machine :(, I thought you changed apple!.

    petty good sales?

    Any news on how much a larger HDD Xbox will cost during the sale?

    Heading overseas tomorrow, might grab Starfox 3DS for the trip.

    Apparently no games on sale, so I'm not bothering. Already bought all the movies I wanted so I'm set.

      At least, no store-wide games sale, from what I know.

        Yeap. The only item that got marked down for sale is saints row the third. At least for the bourke street jb.

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