Kneecapped By Skyrim

Kneecapped By Skyrim

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What’s better? A list of those. Here’s a roundup of the rundowns out there.

The Very Best of the Skyrim ‘Arrow in the Knee’ Meme [Ranker] Out on the vanguard of 2011’s hottest new video game memes, Ranker charts the rise of a simple, overused piece of dialogue in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim through its use as an image macro, a tattoo, and a cameo (but not really) in Family Guy.

Ten .gifs of Sonic the Hedgehog Running Like an Idiot [Tiny Cartridge] Just when I’m about ready to give up on the Top 5 of 10, something like this comes along and reaffirms my faith in the listicle as a staple post of video game enthusiasts. Pasquale D’Silva’s entry is sublime, but Ashley Davis’ is positively entrancing. Go check it out.

The Top 5 Nintendo Controllers You’ve Never Heard of [Houston Press] I’ll tell you what I’ve never heard of, the ASCII Super Stick L5. Not only have I never heard of a one-handed game controller for the NES, I’ve never heard of a company named for the character-encoding scheme.

The Five Best Features of the Xbox 360 Dashboard Update [PC Magazine] Bing’s voice-recognition search is not one of them. Nor is “advertising./”

Top 10 Moments from Spike TVs Video Game Awards [Planet Xbox 360] As eight trailers were for games that either had nothing or very little revealed before Saturday, you can guess what dominates this list. Teabagging, the Black Baron, Kojima’s torturous monologue, none of that made the roundup.

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  • I think the arrow to the knee meme has the new award of ‘fastest meme to stop being funny and start being groan-inducing’, taking it from the previous champion of ‘the cake is a like’.

    Why does the internet destroy everything that it loves?

    • Someone always says this tbh. As you said, people said it about the cake is a lie from almost the get the go, and yet it took months before it was widely accepted using it was in bad taste. Not that I’m a fan of the meme, but haters gonna hate really applies to the whole phenomenom.

    • The problem isn’t the meme itself, but it’s application. It’s like trolling; these days, ” u mad bro???” copy/pasted counts, back it used to be an art form. Taking an arrow to the knee could be fun, in the right context, but unfortunately, everyone just does one liners. It would be best hidden in text, so you read it and go “ha! punny..”, rather than being the mane focus, much like cake is best served amidst a list of things that are lies(“You lied about tax cuts, worker compensation, cake and now medical funding? Boo!”).

      Of course, we’re just going to have to grind and bear it, waiting for the gems that pop up every so often, since the general populace appear to of taken an arrow to the funny bone.

    • You used to have sand in your vagina over the smallest things on your precious internet.

      Oh yeah, you still do.

      I’d rather have an arrow in my knee than hear you whinge for the sake of whinging.

  • Its lame, not funny at all. Mite as well hold up a neon sign which reads ‘I Am A Virgin!’ Haha! Up there with Cod hate

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