Konami Offering A 'Free' Downloadable Game With Vita's Japan Launch

When the PlayStation Vita launches in Japan in two weeks, Konami will offer a download-only title that is free at its release, with the option for gamers to buy additional levels if they enjoy it.

AR Combat Digi Q is the game, reports Andriasang. It's a 40-stage adaptation of Konami's Digi Q vehicle series. The first five stages will be free. Stages six to 30 can be bought for 500 yen (a discounted price; it goes up to 800 yen on January 17). Stages 31 to 35 and stages 36 to 40 will cost 200 yen for each grouping.

The game wasn't on the list of launch titles in PAL territories released two weeks ago, but that could be because it's a downloadable. There's no indication yet that tAR Combat Digi Q will be available in the US, Europe or Australia when the Vita launches in these territories. But it shows a publisher can deploy a pay-as-you-go model for downloadable titles, akin to Android and iPhone gaming, so perhaps we'll be seeing more of that in the PlayStation Store.

Konami PlayStation Vita Launch Title is "Free" [Andriasang. h/t PoweredByHentai]


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