Kotaku’s Favourite ISP — The Results Are In!

Kotaku’s Favourite ISP — The Results Are In!
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Two weeks ago we asked for nominations, A week ago we asked you to vote. Now, we’re revealing the winners. [Begins drum roll…]

And the winner is… Internode!

Of all the awards, this was by far the most competitively contested. To give you an idea of just how close, Internode received 27 percent of the votes, while both TPG and iiNet came in a very close second, both scoring 24 percent.

Me? I’m with Exetel. This just in — they completely suck and I’m in the process of changing!

As for the results — agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Thats complete crap, every single time i’ve needed something they’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me get it fixed. It isn’t hella fast but they do help.

      Don’t know what crap luck you’ve been receiving

      • It’s not complete crap…. why would i bother writing a comment if it was crap worthy… I have been with them for over 2 years i stay with them because of there price i dont complain but i know when i move house or change my plan etc their is always a drama.
        If you had two direct debits coming out of your account after you have told them 3 times to cancel the other. Then you being out of pocket for $210 that you shouldn’t of paid or budgeted for maybe you wouldnt be so quick to crap on others comments. No company is perfect but like most budget telco’s/isp its cheap because they outsource their staff and when something goes wrong it can sometimes be a nightmare trying to get to the right person who you can understand and vise versa. All in all i do recommend TPG though.

      • I’ve always been told to stay away from TPG when looking to change ISPs. Apparently their customer service is absolute shit.

        I’m with Westnet at the moment, was going my ISP but they recently changed their plans so they have awesome deals. I used to have 1.5mbps down 256k up with 50gb of usage peak and 50gb of usage offpeak and it cost $49.95 now with my new plan I get 20mbps down 1mbps up and 100gb usage peak and 100gb usage offpeak and it costs $59.95.

      • Not crap. They don’t even have anyone based here from what I can gather. Using them for mobile for three months was a huge mistake.

      • TPG offer a decent deal so I can live with it, but over about six years I’ve never had a reasonable experience with TPG customer support. I find they’re completely closed off to the idea that the problem may be something on their end. I know that problems typically are on the users end but those guys hold that up as an unbreakable law. They’re also quick to tell you to go buy a new modem/router. I’ve done it before after being assured it would fix the issue (I wanted a new one anyway), had the problem persist, and their reaction was just ‘oh well, guess not’. Didn’t even get a ‘sorry for wasting your money’.

        I’m not impossible to please either. XBOX Live screwed me around for a month but their customer service team actually managed to win me over by the end. Ages ago when I was with iPrimus I always had good customer service experiences. TPG on the other hand just suck at support. Good deals, bad service.

  • Woo! Node’s customer service is incredible.

    Mark, if you’re switching ISP, go for Node. If they turn out to be bad, blame…uhh…Loops…

    • Right!? I mean I called them up a few weeks back cause I began having a bit of trouble with my Modem/Router after changing computers and asked if they could give me the steps to set it back up since I couldn’t access the Internode website and for some weird reason, it wasn’t working when it was set up the same way.

      30 minutes later and a bit of testing on difference phone lines in my house, I had changed modems and routers and the guy had moved me to some more stable connection since I’m so freaking far from the exchange and what do ya know… I’m pushing double my speed. My call was not that intention but the guy clearly just wanted to go above and beyond where he thought he could’ve and I was super pleased.

      I usually hate those “Please stay on hold for a brief customer focus survey” cause they hardly give you a chance to say no and then I usually just quickly press a button and hang up…. but I wished Internode DID do that and it defined some miraculous bonus which gave their employees all of their profit and Internode was some magical land where employees bath in the companies money.

      …Cause I would happily fill one out. I just wish for better speeds where I am, but felt like a kid on Xmas Day when my speed was doubled.

  • Been with TPG for years without a complaint about their customer service, including when I moved (Telstra on the other hand screwed up so badly when I moved- disconnecting my old house weeks too early, then disconnecting the phone line at the new place when they were meant to be doing the TPG activation, then messing up my phone bill with double charges and continuing to charge line rental for the disconnected line at the previous house) that after it was all sorted I moved my phone service to TPG too. I don’t go bush much, so Optus coverage has been fine for me.

  • TPG’s customer service from my experience is fairly bad but since I never call my ISP, I can live with it and they offer probably the best value contracts among the ISPs at the moment. Plus if you throw in a BYO phone plane, it works out at $15 a month for $550 of calls/text, 1.5GB data, free social networking and free calls/text to other TPG numbers. It’s wild.

  • I dealt with Internode years ago when I was providing support to a franchise store chain that were all connected via vpn so that ther stock databases were all real time. This was 5-6 years ago, but they were tops to deal with.

  • I’m with tpg but I have only had to call for line faults as I’m an IT tech. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who can’t diagnose and fix their own pc and router problems though. It’s cheap and my speeds are great.

  • im with iinet been with them for over 6 years and had very few problems
    im on a 500gig onpeak 500gig offpeak plan with a bundled voip phone on a 100mbs NBN plan for $99
    pretty happy with them and never had a problem they hadnt been able to fix within 48 hours. probably would have been fixed sooner but i work a lot

    • Me 2, From perth to melbourne I’ve been with iinet. I had a problem for the fist time last week, my line was dead and I called them. A technician came the next day and was fixed (storm blew something somewhere). Even faster.

      • I changed over to iiNet earlier this year after being with Optus and 3 for years and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have my home phone, VOIP phone and internet with them. Any problems, they generally fix it within the hour, even telling me to hang up on the mobile so they can call me back, thus costing me less money.

  • With node, love their customer service. Only thing I’ve heard about TPG outside of their prices is the atrocious customer service. As for iiNet? A few years back when I was a trainee in my state’s transport department, I handled invoicing, iiNet provided certain services and they charged well above and beyond what they should’ve which in turn the government throws our way as taxes, thanks iiNet…frickin’ wankers.

    • Ohh Chazz, you started out so positive! Then it went downhill again, but you’ll get there buddy! We’ll be there, with a pat on the back, when you make that first *nice* comment!

  • I’ve been with TPG for over 8 years now.
    Their customer service is always helpful, although at times hard to understand.
    However they’ve always managed to solve any problems I’ve had.

    UNLIMITED ADSL2+ ftw MUAHAHahahah what to download next?

  • Been with TPG before, and the only way to make them really solve your problem is to file a formal complaint to the obudsman and cite the case number in the e-mail, the next day my case is escalated to senior customer service 🙂

  • Huzzah for ‘node! I swapped to them from Exetel many years ago when moving house, as Exetel would not waive the ~$100 reconnection fee despite me having been a customer with them for 4 or 5 years at that point.

    ‘node signed me up for free, and I’ve never looked back. Their customer support as mentioned above, really is second to none.

  • Im with optus here 101mbit downstream, 1.5mbit upstream, its faster than a 10/100 Lan, you really need a download accelerator and paid Filehosts like megaupload to really take advantage of it. Through megaupload i download about 13mb per sec.

  • I came from Exetel to Internode. Didn’t like their price rises and didn’t like the owner – he was carrying on about NBN etc (in a similar way to how Gerry Harvey acts like a grumpy grandfather when retail isnt going his way and blames internet shopping!)

  • Adam Internet for me, afaik only avalible in adelaide. But their customer support has always been awesome (all located in adelaide, and ive never been more than 2nd in que) Never have problems with my connections, and their plans are cheaper than internodes, add on to that – the fact that they seem to offer all the same unmetred downloads as internode, and most of the same services…really cant seem to go wrong with them.

  • Just swapped from Exetel to Internode. Can’t believe the difference. Internodes service is amazing. Got cut off on the phone the other day with them and they rang ME back immediately. No waiting in a phone queue either with initial call.

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