Kotaku’s Favourite Mobile Broadband Provider — The Results Are In!

Kotaku’s Favourite Mobile Broadband Provider — The Results Are In!
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Two weeks ago we asked for nominations, A week ago we asked you to vote. Now, we’re revealing the winners. [Begins drum roll…]

And the winner is… Telstra

It’s hard to dispute this one. I’ve always found that Telstra provided the best mobile broadband coverage, and this one was a complete landslide with Internode coming in a distant second.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Woo! +1 for Skyrim!

      But for serious, pretty obvious result. Living on the outskirts of a city with not-as-good reception, being with Telstra is simply the difference between mobile broadband, or no signal. Easy decision 😛

  • If it comes down to it, no matter who you choose Telstra would have won. They are a monopoly all over the country and even if you’re with a different company, chances are they piggyback off Telstra.

    Well played Telstra, well played

    • AFAIK Telstra doesn’t allow VMNOs (Virtual Mobile Network Operators – i.e. carriers who piggyback off other people’s equipment) at the moment? I’m pretty sure their NextG network is 100% theirs. The only deal i remember was 3’s 2G traffic moving via Telstra equipment, but I think the Vodafone merger discontinued that agreement.

      When it comes to Land lines though – yes, there’s a lot of third party resellers.

    • Except that unlike the landlines.

      Telstra built their mobile network themselves. At least the NEXTG part which is the bit that actually would have won them this.

      It’s up to the opposition to actually compete with them in the sector.

      as opposed to the copper lines which they were essentially given and they have to allow the competition to use. While not actually competing with their competition or Optus start’s crying to the ACCC.

  • I work in the Pilbara, about 1500kms north of Perth. The only coverage we have up here is Telstra 3g. If I had a choice, id be with anyone else, yet thats impossible.

    Im only with them, because I have no other choice.

  • In terms of coverage, obviously Telstra. In terms of customer goodwill, I’d have to think iiNet would win. They always seem to be fighting for the customer.

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