Last Guardian Executive Producer Quits. Goes Elsewhere.

Is Yoshifusa Hayama the latest Last Guardian casualty? The former Sony Computer Entertainment Vice President and Last Guardian executive producer has left the company.

The eagerly awaited game has been years in development. It was supposed to be finished this year, but was delayed to next year. The Last Guardian was AWOL at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

There are rumours circulating that Fumito Ueda, the game's creator, left Sony to go freelance. Recently, Ueda stated via Twitter that he is hard at work on the title. He did not address the rumours that he's quit Sony.

Earlier this year, Kotaku saw The Last Guardian and spoke with Ueda about games and art.

Hayama joins Rupert Murdoch-owned London studio Bossa, where he will work on the outfit's first 3D social game.

Last Guardian executive producer resigns [Develop]


    If I was in a game development company that only made two games in ten years i'd proberly leave

      if those games were shadow of the colossus and ico? yeah..that'd really suck..

      That's not that unusual for an small but sheltered (by Sony) studio.

      You'd leave the studio that made Ico and Shadow of the Colossus to go and make Facebook games? Really?

    Well, damn.

    Ugh, surely this game should be in its final stages by now?! Feels like its turning into another 'Duke Nukem Forever'

    Will thy do a "team bondi" now and not give him credit now being exec producer?That would suck to spend years being the major creative force on a project and not get the kudos.

    Why would he quit (hopefully) so close to the games release? Doesn't he have enough pride in the project to see it through?

    So he's off to oversee development of a 3D social game for Murdoch. Presumably some users will be celebrities, or victims of terrible crimes, and the other half will be journalists making their lives hell.

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