Laugh, Then Cry, At These Game Design School Commercials...

The terrifying thing about this Cracked list of terrible commercials for Game Design schools is the fact that someone, somewhere has probably spent money to go to one of these colleges. The best thing about this list, however, is the fact they're brilliantly and unintentionally hilarious.

In my humble opinion, Cracked is awesome, and is one of the few sites that, when they do take time to write about video games, totally get it right.

It's latest, a look a heinously corny ads for game design schools in the US, is brilliant. I'm going to embed one of the trailers discussed in this post, but I totally recommend clicking through to read the whole thing. Truly I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

The 6 Stupidest Video Game School Commercials [Cracked]


    The dude in the advert is way too chipper to be a gamer.

    I like the way they focus on the 3d modeling kids for a while, showing the pretty models, then flash past the designer with a paper and pen.

      Cracked do write a good article.

    Hahaha, that was kind of painful. As Lobo said, it was pretty funny how they sort of skipped past the designer writing on paper. Guess they want their school to look all "hip" and "rad"

    "Come on, graphics makers! There is a whole megabyte of Mario Bros. high scoring back here! I'm Burgertime!"


    Thanks Carlton, where can I get an enrolment form!

    This...just makes me sad.
    I wasted three years at RMIT doing a course like this and I've gotten no where. Unfortunately I can't watched it without bitter disappointment sinking into the depth of my very soul.

    I love Seanbaby articles.

    The internet is nothing without

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