Law And Order: Legacies Brings Lennie Briscoe Back From The Dead

best part of the Law and Order franchise died in 2004 with actor Jerry Orbach. In Telltale Games new episodic adventure series Law & Order: Legacies Orbach's detective Lennie Bricoe character makes a slightly creepy return appearance.

It wouldn't be a Law and Order "dream team" without Lennie Briscoe, the silver-haired detective that carried the television show from 1992 to 2004, so Telltale, given free reign to pull from the entire history of the long-running television crime procedural and its spin-offs, brought him back to life in flashback form.

Combining Orbach's looks with a so-so sound-alike, Bricoe joins series mainstays Rey Curtis (Benjamin Bratt, Law & Order), Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: SVU) and Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston, Law & Order) in a series of new virtual adventures, kicking off with episodes one and two on the iPhone, iPad this month, with PC and MAC versions to follow in the new year.

I'll probably hold out until they get Criminal Intent detective Robert Goren in the mix. I just love the way his head wobbles.


    Goren was my favourite TV detective since Columbo.
    But man, is that a huge gap. Columbo is ahead by a mile.

      I think by Goren you mean Kojak.

      Who loves ya', baby

    Lets hope goren appears in the next one. He's the best of all of them.

    Jerry Orbach and Paul Sorvino. That'd be cool.

    Proof-reading, FTW! Oh wait....

    I'm a big fan of the older series. A lot of the new ones feel like more style over substance. More focused on cops than the law.

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