Learn The Rules Of Surviving I Am Alive

I Am Alive's promising a more intimate type of post-apocalypse and this tenderly-narrated teaser gives a fresh look at the game's world and hazards. The clip also offers glimpses of how ravaged the world's become after the ill that's befallen it and how you can help other get through the future's tough times.

Be sure to check out Kirk Hamilton's preview for more details on I Am Alive.


    First! :D

    Looks interesting. Nice feel but does every game now a days have to limit view distance with crappy fog/dust/etc? Fallout 3 was a good game but it looked as ugly as all hell because of the crappy colour palet. This looks like another "grey" game.
    Just sayin'.

      Yeah, one of these days games are going to be colourful again... that's going to be a good day. They might as well have just gone completely black-and-white here. Still looks interesting.

      Well it made sense that in that situation there will be heavy dust/fog. Skyrim have epic view distance on pc.

    i dont like this trailer, if i play the game, there is no way im doing charity

    Sorry, but you lost me when you insulted PC gamers

    I very much enjoyed that, I really want to play this game, it touched me.

    terrible lip sync ! that would distract me so much I wouldn't play it.

    jesus what did they do to this game.

    The first preview video made it look amazing. This looks like the bastard lovechild of Deadly Premonition and Alone In The Dark!

    Anyone who hasn't seen it, go find the original teaser on youtube. This game could've been incredible.

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