Left 4 Dead Movie Released, Is Batshit Crazy

Last week, a very slick-looking trailer for a Left 4 Dead fan flick appeared online. It set a very sombre, serious tone.

Over the weekend, the actual short film was released. It is not what you'll have been expecting.

If you're at all interested in seeing how it was made, you can check out a behind-the-scenes clip here.


    WHA....er.....oh my god.

    what was AWESOME! but im still not sure what i watched.

    a proper tank would have smashed those cars into the survivors incapacitating them...


      Or spawned outside the map and been useless....

    >It set a very sombre, serious tone.
    >sombre, serious
    >master chief, scorpion


    Yeah, it was pretty well done until they decided to randomly throw crap in there. What were they thinking?

    This would have been a really good counterpart to the 'Michael' ad from Sony. It's as if in the middle of making a really good Left4Dead film, somebody just went, "**** it" and threw in the other characters.

    I enjoyed that, even after it went batshit crazy... would have been good to see what they would have done had it not gone batshit crazy though.

    I liked it. Kinda felt meh before it went insane, that's what made the video. I'm sure that was the plan all along, I don't think they just got bored halfway through production. It's not like you could pull those suits and props out of your ass.

    That was good until about the 6 minute mark.

    Haha that was pretty damned awesome.

    Though at first it was like well seeing as this is set after bill dies, seem's stupid they would walk up to a witch regardless.

    And then it just got better :D

    Me at 5:00: hey guys what's the fuss.. this seems pretty accurate and stuff
    Me at 7:00: Oh..

    Stopped watching after Master Chief showed up. :| Killed it.

    That was good, but it would have been much better if they did it seriously minus all the cameos.

    Wow... serious, like wow. It was so good right up until master Chief showed up, and then turned into the most random stupid cameo fest ever. Where was Sonic doing his spindash into them? Couldnt have made it worse..

    That was almost totally awesome, It's well done I will give them that but the addition of random gaming characters completely ruined the tone. It makes me think they got half way through making it and ran out of ideas. I would really like to see these guys make a serious short film because the first half of that was really well done.

    Zoey looks way too old :/

    Would have been better if they kept it Left 4 Dead and not all of that other crap coming into it at the end

    I think throwing in the extra characters really made that worth watching. Serious zombie shit is wayyyyyyy over done anyway, and would never have made me actually laugh out loud.

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