Let The Wasted Land Be A Good Cthulhu Game

I'm just about done with Kard Combat, the duelling iPhone card game by the developers of DeathSpank (and a little help from Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield). When it's said and done, my next mobile conquest will either be Star Command, the Game Dev Story-inspired ship simulator or The Wasted Land, a tactical RPG based on the Call of Cthulhu pen-and-paper RPG by Chaosium.

Quality-wise, I'm not too sure what to expect from The Wasted Land. We've been provided some serviceable screenshots that give out a Silent Storm vibe, which is a good thing, because I played the heck out of Silent Storm. Given the game takes place during World War I, with the player controlling a band of troops and curious investigators who care little for their sanity, the Silent Storm comparison isn't far off the mark. The game also uses Chaosium's role-playing system (The Wasted Land is begin co-developed by them), and while I've only engaged in a single Call of Cthulhu session, I've got numerous games of Arkham Horror, the Call of Cthulhu CCG and a fair few readings of The Colour Out of Space under my belt.

Going against The Wasted Land is the fact that developer Red Wasp's only other title is a Cthulhu calendar app, but being a struggling indie myself, I'm hardly going to hold that against them. No, I'll wait until I can play before passing judgement. I'm also feeling positive as they're looking to release the game on iPad, PC and Android, so Red Wasp has probably given some thought as to how it'll transfer to a bigger format with increased controls (in the case of PC, at least).

It's due out in January 2012, while Star Command is simply early 2012. Are there any less-than-mainstream hidden gems you're waiting for on the App Store / Android Marketplace? I'll totally understand if you're just hanging out for the PS Vita at this point.

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land [Red Wasp Design]


    Hmmm. I have distinct reservations regarding how faithful this video game will be to the source material. Anyone that has ever played the Chaosium RPG will know very well that there is no such thing as 'tactics' in the face of Cthulhu. There is only a lot of insanity, death, and running the hell away.

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