Let's Admire This Month's Most Insane Video Game Trailer

As a method for telling me how the video game Time Ducks plays, the Time Ducks trailer is a failure. In all other ways, it is a success. Time Ducks is a real game (available on iTunes). I cannot yet tell you if it is as good as its trailer.


    It can't be unseen, do yourself a favor i now have a headache :< Don't watch this, also may actually give you a seizure.

    I think I speak on the behalf of everyone that watched this... WHAT. THE. %&[email protected]!

    Its actually quite clever.... but i see why you got a headache watching this NotFrank

    Wow... I don't know why but I want that game now.

    I don't know why but I suddenly want to watch Dr Strangelove.

    Oh wait, I do know why.

    What did I just... TIME DUCKS

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