Limbs And Heads Fly Free In Total War: Shogun 2’s Rating-Changing Blood Pack

Limbs And Heads Fly Free In Total War: Shogun 2’s Rating-Changing Blood Pack

While Total War: Shogun 2 does an excellent job of depicting the titanic clash between two warring factions, it’s always been missing a little something to make the experience complete: Majestic arcs of spurting crimson lifeblood, and the odd severed head. All this and more can be yours for $US1.59.

Available now on Steam and other fine digital download sites, the Blood Pack for Shogun 2 takes a very Seven Samurai approach to war gore, painting the battlefield red and littering it with the body parts of the defeated. There’s so much blood here that you’ll wonder what those speaks of gold are on your foe’s shiny red armour.

The gore comes at a cost, however, and that cost is $US1.59, as previously stated. The pack also increases the rating of the game from Teen to Mature, so you’ll need to be 18 or over to buy it, or just hang out outside of Steam waiting for a hip grownup to wander by.

Also available today is the Hattori Clan DLC pack, putting players in control of the most powerful group of ninja to ever assassinate and bribe their way across a battlefield. The pack comes complete with an extra historical battle scenario, additional armour, and a hot XP injection for your Avatar, all for the low price of $US4.99.

You know what goes great with ninja? Fountains of blood.

Hattori Pack DLC [Steam]

Blood Pack DLC [Steam]






  • The only reason MODs are free is because it is illegal to sell them, if a MOD team could get some money for all their hard work, they would do it. The majority of people would support them too.

    Secondly, $1.50 is less than a bottle of coke. More effort was put into this guaranteed.

    Thirdly; people buy Hats in TF2 for more money. HATS. A simple as fuck mesh with a texture whacked on, which involves far less coding and art than this DLC would.

  • But I already have the Hattori clan…. I should re install Shogun on my new PC, really interested in those new different era expansions.

  • The blood pack is no longer available for sale in Australia because of our stupid arse backwater third world country games rating system… this is starting to get ridiculous, Im 33 and I cant buy this in my own country because of retarded beurocrats who are out of touch with gamers and technology in general… our country is run by dinosaurs. I say vote greens next election, fuck labor and especially the liberals who would probably ban super mario bros because mario and luigi are too ethnic looking.

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