'Battlefield 4' Through FreddieW's Eyes

After teaming up with EA to produce a Battlefield 3 commercial, internet sensation Freddie Wong — best known for geeky, homemade film shorts that riff on Splinter Cell, Halo and Portal — stayed on set to create the video seen above.

This one imagines what asynchronous co-op play might look like for that game's inevitable sequel. "Battlefield 4" does an ingenious job of visualising how communication and co-ordination might look like across the huge levels that DICE's series is known for. It's also nice to see what FreddieW and crew can do with a bigger budget.

Battlefield 4: Co-op [YouTube]


    My dissapoint face has never been so dissapoint.

    Thanks for the timely update.

    Freddie Wong made another gunfight. There's a thing called 'Variety' and he's sorely lacking in it.

      Ditto what Nick said. It's also not even a valid point, he said a while ago that he worked out only around 55% of his videos have guns in them at all. It just so happens the gun fights are the ones that become popular.

      And did you hear about Stephen Hawking STILL working on theoretical physics and that Two and a Half Men is still going to be sitcom and that Kotaku still report gaming material.

      It's pathetic! Variety! We need more of it.

    FFS Kotaku!




      This one's just Freddie and Brandon, which they filmed in their spare time while they filmed the BF3 ad. Corridor Digital made their video in their spare time.

        At least Sam is one of the terrorists.

    i swear this site has just become a dumpster for all trending youtube vids and upvoted reddit links

      This is a game website. This is a game related video.

      Maybe some of us don't trawl the trending YouTube videos or Reddit. I pretty much just come here, so let me have my Freddie Wong without having to also watch Star Wars Kid / Keyboard Cat mashup #34.

        Same here. I don't have time for too many websites, so it's nice to have Kotaku grab stuff that may interest me.

        Mashup #34 is out?? Why didn't anyone tell me? :)

    It's a great video. And they used an actual explosion. Tis awesome.

    Freddy should go to afghanistan with a camera, lets see what type of video he gets

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