Luigi's Mansion Is Real And It's A Bit Scary...

Somewhat Awesome Films is the work of two guys from Adelaide and they happen to make a lot of live action clips based on video games. I expected jokes from this effort based on Luigi's Mansion — I kept waiting for the punchline and, instead, I ended up with soiled trousers.

Alright so it's not that scary, but still, worth watching.


    .....Clean up. Isle me....:(

      You mean "Aisle"? :P

        reminds me of a favourite homer quote :

        "The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isocoleces triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side."

        "That's a RIGHT triangle, you idiot."

    Yeah, was expecting *EXACTLY* that to happen lol.

    2:10 Is that a child walking down the stairs in the background?

      A small child or a ghost? There were no kids in the house 0_o

    Who you gunna call?

      ghost bu...ahhhh, i just dont know anymore...


    Was expecting that to happen. Very well done though! Fantastic!

    Scared me. Yuck.

    Already better than the game :-)

    Do a project zero one!

    ...I hate this video. IT'S 12.50AM! HOW AM I SUPPOSED SO SLEEP NOW?!

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