Mafia Wars Helps Drive 54 Year-Old Woman To Embezzle $166,000

Mafia Wars Helps Drive 54 Year-Old Woman To Embezzle $166,000

Bettysue Higgins, who until recently worked as an admin assistant for a law firm, has plead guilty to embezzlement charges after her fraudulent spending on casual video games was caught out.

Between 2006 and 2010, Higgins wrote out around 220 checks using the forged signature of the firm’s executive director Steven Prince. In the last two years, and these are the ones that ultimately did her in, 78 were “deposited directly to her personal account and paid out the funds to Zynga YoVille and Zynga Mafia Wars, which are social networking games played through Facebook.”

While the lion’s share of checks recently were for the games, they only constitute around $US4,000 of the $US166,000 in total she embezzled from the company. Lord only knows where the rest went, though, as her house is currently in foreclosure.

Higgins pleads guilty to embezzling from law group [Kennebec Journal, via TDW]


  • I’m guessing in America Trust/Business accounts don’t have to be audited? disgusting that this went on for 4 years.

    But than again the cost of have it audited would of probably amounted to more than what was embezzled, double edged blade?

  • lol I always find it funny that people that are terrible with money (as in, they spend well beyond their means not, they don’t have a job) always start stealing from their company…

    But they don’t actually get anywhere, because they are still terrible with handling their money, so they keep blowing it.

  • Sounds more like she was already embezzling frivolous amounts of money, and decided to use some of it for her gaming habit.

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