Man Gets 120 Stars On Mario 64 In World Record Time, Watch Him Break Other Records Live

Siglemic has now been playing Super Mario 64 for six days straight. His goal? To break the 120 star speed run time. He's literally just done that (you can watch above) but he's decided to keep on truckin' in an attempt to also break the bare bones 70 star record, which he's attempting LIVE, right now!

The new world record for 120 stars is 1:47:10. Pretty incredible. The 70 star record is 50:14. Siglemic has gotten his own personal best down to 50:45, so there's no reason to believe he can't get both records!

You can monitor his progress live on the stream below, or head directly to the twitch website here.


    I'm a little conflicted. This is either very awesome for a teen or pretty sad for an adult... Or vice versa lol

    I like that it's a real speed run, not a know-your-glitch session.

      Is that sarcasm? Or you didn't actually watch the video?

    Those times are bloody phenomenol. Give this lad a medal!

    i watched the entire 120 star run last night :P
    it's awesome to watch him, it's amazing how much he remembers

    F*ck Me I just watched 'Footrace with Koopa the Quick' - I saw it with my own eyes and still can't believe it!

    That is not the world record, the world record is 1:46:35 by nero. He is attempting to not only break, but demolish it by 2 minutes. check out for all the speedrunning glory

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