Mario's Creator Rocks Out To The Black Keys

Fresh off a week of denying reports that he's retiring, the creator of Mario and Zelda was caught on camera rocking out to a little live music from The Black Keys during the VGAs tonight.

I'm told he did a little head-banging too, but I missed that bit. That's fine by me, this is how I like to imagine Miyamoto always rocks out. Gently, subtly.


    Great taste Miyamoto!

    Sigh, all the embedded videos on Kotaku just appear as static pictures to me :S

      Same with me...

    This was one of the only one's that have worked for me

    apparently deadmau5 was with him....

      He was. Deadmau5 tweeted a pic of his arm with Miyamoto's autograph, saying that he was going to get it permanently inked the next day.

    I really hope he was just doing that zoned out kind of rocking where you just nod your head and don't really notice what you're listening to.

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