Master Chief Is An Asshole

Bungie and Microsoft may have led you to believe that Halo's Master Chief is a paragon of virtue, but that's a lie told only on storyboards and over-wrought cinematic cutscenes. A man can only be judged by his actions, and in most people's experience, Master Chief is a dick.


    Dear Freddy Wong,

    Stop making the same fucking videos over and over.

    Love, Average.

      they seem to be different each week, I dont know what you are watching.

        Augmenting games into reality. Every. Fucking. Week.

          It's what he does. Why not bitch that Penny Arcade keeps making comics while you're at it?

            Except Penny Arcade is actually relevant and funny. This is a stereotyped and trite hamfest based on jokes made far too many times. Oh yes, dick players exist, we didn't need you to tell us that.

          What are you talking about? He's not "augmenting games into reality" with this one. Here he's deconstructing some of the mechanics of the Halo series, specifically the way the player interacts with the AI marines.

            Average, much like the generation of TV, you have two options.

            Swap the channel, or CLOSE THE WINDOW.

              I have multiple times. But people just keep posting links of it everywhere. This video so far has invaded (To my knowledge): Reddit (Three subreddits), Facebook, Youtube Featured, My xbox live parties, Kotaku, Escapist. GUYS. You really like hamfisted enterprises with underwhelming CGI and a loose, cliched script from a dickhead who values quantity over quality and calls himself a filmmaker?

                You can also IGNORE THE DAMN THINGS.

                Or better yet:

                1) Write an amazing script that blows Freddie out of the water.
                2) Get film/CGI equipment.
                3) Film and render.
                4) Post to the Internet.

                So far all I hear is 90% bitching, 10% valid critical points.
                (And you haven't even said "I've done better and it's at [WEBSITE]!".)

                I am now finished feeding the trolls.

    Oh FreddieW... how i love your videos...

    there not differnt heres the same kinda vid from fred

    FreddieW with another epic video.

    He always nails the subject matter :)

    I guess I must be missing the funny part of this video.

      NPCs of HALO regarding Chief as a hero, when the player (who take over Chief's actions) usually act like dicks.
      (This is more mixed with multiplayer griefing actions like teabagging and blowing up the car, but still.)

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