Meanwhile In World Of Warcraft...

How did World of Warcraft's creators counter today's launch of rival MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic? They didn't, unless you count all these "hot fixes" they just activated. One of them: "Algaefin Rockfish no longer swim in schools."


    They countered The Old Republic's launch months ago with the 12-month commitment contract with a free mount and free Diablo III.


      Also Blizzard put on epic holiday events in game. I rather enjoy them.

        Ditto! Only one more achievement until I finish [What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been] meta-achievement and get my pretty violet proto-drake :D

    So much snark for such a small post.

    So still no fixes making a player's skill more important than his gear?

      They will NOT fix that. they don't want their game to be called, world of streetfighters

      That fix happened when Cataclysm came out, and is only relevant when you're clearing heroic level content. Look at Kin Raiders, who just beat out Paragon, Ensidia and all the other top guilds to get the first heroic kill on Madness of Deathwing.

        Well yeah but wasn't that because they got a week's head start on Paragon etc after people were exploiting the new Looking for Raid feature to outfit their entire raid team in iLevel 384 tier gear in the first week? They got a a weeks ban or something.

          They got a 72 hour ban, and none of the gear they got while exploiting was taken away from them. You could say that the 72 hour ban was just so the other guilds could catch up. Kin Raiders had exactly the same amount of raid lockouts available to Paragon, Ensidia etc but they're simply better. Most of the others are still floundering on Spine of Deathwing, even after the nerfs.

      PVP motherfucker. can you dig it?

        ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^

    Ok, we get it. At least here at Kotaku: WoW = Bad. SWTOR = Good.

    Guess we were thinking too well of the site when this was meant to be a fair gaming media site. But here comes Mr Bias to rear his ugly head again

    Yeah, but now Deepsea Sagefish DO swim in schools! Don't you realise how big this is?

    i hated those darn rockfish being in schools

    I'm sure Blizzard are biding their time. Holding back goodies for when something goes wrong at the Star Wars server farm. Then they'll cast their lines and real back in their wayward cash cows.

    I love how anything which isn't praise for Blizzard is seen as 'snarky' the fanboi community....

    People are so used to WoW being painted in a golden light, that when something comes along that diminishes that light people assume it's the work of satan himself....

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