Metal Gear Revengeance Creators' Business Cards Are Shaped Like Giant Razor Blades

If you're making a game about slicing things up, shape your business card like a razor blade. We've got pictures here of the cards of Metal Gear maker Hideo Kojima and Atsushi Inaba, whose Platinum Games team is making the revived Metal Gear spin-off.

We have seen these before, but, you know, if you click through to the second shot, you'll see Kojima's card in what appears to be Kojima's hotel bathroom. How can you resist?

Hideo Kojima's Twitter feed


    That'll make it easier for the day they realise what they've done to Metal Gear.

      Awesome comment. You win 100 internets!

    I thought Bashcraft had an article on this last week :S

      Is this website Bashcraft?

        No, but the razor blade card from Hideo was displayed.

        DEJA NEWS!

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