Metal Gear Rising's Director Already Having To Placate Angry Fans

The man leading development on Metal Gear Rising, former Capcom star Atsushi Inaba, sounds like he was prepared for the fan backlash stemming from the game's VGA trailer over the weekend.

Despite the production values and developer track record involved, a lot of Metal Gear fans aren't happy with the insane action depicted in Rising's trailer. Prompting Inaba to take to Twitter and, haltingly, issue the following statement:

Let me begin.

It seems there are some who wish to imply PlatinumGames was able to achieve what Kojima Productions could not - interviewers among them.

This notion is spurious. Clearly, we have not yet produced any results in the world of Metal Gear.

The artists at Kojima Productions gave their blood, sweat and tears to bring the Metal Gear Saga to life.

The gap is immense. Mr. Kojima tossed his chips on our table, believing we could handle the task. In other words, he took a gamble.

Many seem to think the change from MGSR to MGR altered everything about the game, but this is simply not true.

MGSR's concept excited us. We have love and respect for it, as we do the character of Raiden and the idea of freely cutting anything apart.

I know reaction to the new trailer is mixed. Yet I also believe our love and respect shines through.

It is my hope that you catch a glimpse of the future in the footage.

In order to achieve that evolution, that future, we at PlatinumGames will continue to fight, shedding our own blood, sweat and tears.

That is all.

You know what, "fans", let 'em do this! It's a spin-off game. Made by a developer that knows a thing or two about making awesome games involving slashing. This isn't Platinum trying to make a game that's all about laborious cutscenes and sneaking. It's Platinum doing what it does best.

I mean, I love the Total War series, but if Sega decided to make a spin-off game - as in, not part of the core series - in first-person and let Gearbox handle it, I'd be totally down with it, because Gearbox make good first-person shooters.

Atsushi Inaba speaks out on Metal Gear Rising: "I know reaction to the new trailer is mixed" [OPM]


    you knew this was coming and had this article drafted up in advance right, luke?

      Crafty one, this guy.

    wait, so the fans are pissed just because kojima productions isn't making it anymore?

    honestly, i'm more interested in it now that they aren't making it, not because i hate kojima productions (i love metal gear), but it seems a wiser choice to have platinum make it.

      It's not simply the change of developer.
      Did you see the trailer? It is a legitimate reason to be pissed.

        i liked the trailer apart from the voice acting.

    Its simply far too outrageous for a Metal Gear game :\, I mean come on Raiden slices right through a massive metal limb of a metal gear, tone it down a bit, I was hoping this would be a simple filling in the gaps between MGS2 and MGS4 that would be awesome!, but instead it will be set after MGS4 involving some ridiculous plot and over-exaggerated action :(

      People are being way too prudish about this. Seriously. Raiden is, on the flipside of your argument, an awesome character to base a hack-n-slash game around. You saw the cut-scenes in MGS4- well, it'll be like that, but more awesome. And playable.

      I am a massive Metal Gear fan and I can't wait to play this game. Just because it isn't a stealth game doesn't mean that it is some disturbing affront to humanity.

        I loved the idea of Raiden having his own game, thats not my issue, I was pretty keen for what the game was originally stated to be, set between MGS2 and MGS4 and be action based, but it still looked believable within the universe, but instead its set several years after MGS4 and has been confirmed to not be officially part of the Metal Gear Solid series, but rather a spinoff with over the top action, I just think the first idea was much better, more believable and had a good untold story to work with, I wanted to know what happened between MGS2 and 4 to see how he became what he is.

          >believable within the universe

          >MGS4 is about a tired old man who defeats superhumans and giant robots

          I'm fine with the game being a bit wacky, personally. I mean we took MGS serious when the games break the 4th wall by talking to you about rumbling controllers and memory cards and blu rays?

            there are PLENTY of insane crap in MGS in the past. This just puts it all in the same place. i for one, love it. Big supporter of Platinum games.

            i hope we can do the whole Eva flipping a motorcycle on ocelot kinda stunt in this game too!

            ahha hahhaa hahaaa you like Raiden. Yeah hehe wheres your homo hentai girl! Ehehe its funny but I could see my granny liking Raiden, in a hes so warm yet lethal kind of way. And that awful swimming underwater bit is totally a girls water fantasy. It all makes sense. (maybe thats why MGS3 was going back in time to introduce a young Snake)I am gutted that Kojima would yield so much to a focus group, mind a lot was riding on the game.Brin is the moral of the story, women shouldnt make games?:D (just messing amigo)

      But your played MGS4 right? And that whole bit where Raiden does all those crazy'assed things when fighting the Gekkos? This seems more like an extention of that. It might be good, or not, it's a bit hard to say at the moment.

    Anyone who thinks that *this* is taking things "too-far" has never played a Metal Gear Solid game. They're all completely outrageous and insane, this is no worse.

    Game's gonna rule, you're a terrible person if you don't believe so.

      They are insane yes, but never has it been as insane as individuals throwing Metal Gears over there head or cutting a person into bite size chunks in a slow motion style fashion lol

        If I do remember correctly, Solidus throws around Metal Gear Rays in Arsenal Gear.

      Game's gonna be disappointing. The mere presence of the word Revengeance is a titanic red flag for the quality of the writing that underpins and holds up all MGS games.

        Revengeance is a real word. It's a crappy real word, but a real word none the less. Get over it. Its no worse than say 'Metal Gear Solid' as a combination of ridiculous words in themselves. Or what about 'Solid Snake'. What about 'Halo'. 'Final Fantasy'? Gaming is full of crappy names... just play it and see what its like first... geez.

          The fact that the word exists does not negate the posters initial claim that it is indicative of sloppy writing.

      The difference was the Hideo was a genious and managed to somehow make it work. This time it's a bit worrying.

      The hate on Revengence being OTT leaves me scratching my head. Methinks nostalgia glasses are already in full swing for the franchise. Go back and play the games guys.

    "I mean, I love the Total War series, but if Sega decided to make a spin-off game – as in, not part of the core series – in first-person and let Gearbox handle it, I’d be totally down with it, because Gearbox make good first-person shooters."

    This is not the same. This isn't a spinoff. It's the next game in the series. It would be like saying "Halo 4 is now going to be an RTS" or "Battlefield 4 is going to be a hack & slash". It's just ridiculous how much the formula has changed.

      but, it IS a spin off. it ISN'T the next game in the series.
      this is metal gear rising.
      NOT metal gear solid 5.

      Metal gear acid plays differently to the solid series too.

        By my definition a spinoff should be something you can ignore if you want and happily play the next game without worrying about missing storyline. So, this game isn't really a spinoff because one of the central characters of the other games is the main character. So I'm guessing if there ever was an MGS5, you would have to play this one to understand the story of Raiden.

        Unless this one is like a prequel or something.

          Originally it was meant to be based between MGS2 and MGS4.
          so technically, it was a prequel.
          But i don't know if that's still the case now.

    "I mean, I love the Total War series, but if Sega decided to make a spin-off game – as in, not part of the core series – in first-person and let Gearbox handle it, I’d be totally down with it, because Gearbox make good first-person shooters."

    Actually, this is more akin to if Naughty Dog wanted to let the another developer make an uncharted single player campaign where -- despite utterly destroying the serious and grounded tone of the game -- you get killstreaks that let you turn into a swarm of spiders to attack your enemies, only to turn back to normal and enter a cutscene where the characters act like that didn't just happen.

    After seeing this article, I kind of agree. If all they're being asked to do is make the sort of game they're good at, why not? I still think murder is horrible, and dismemberment ugly. Murder is not pretty or good, pleasant or clean. Murder in war even less so. It was more interesting at the start of the trailer than at the end; Samurai justification/reasoning for murder is different to 'I'm Jack the ripper watch me slaughter everyone'. It involves SOME kind of principles. Can't say *I* want to play at this sort of thing... what do others think?

    The thing is, they don't really know much about CUTTING. Slashing, sure - you know, visually meaningless damage swipes. In other words boring...

    Cutting was only cool because it looked like you could do it on anything, and you didn't need to pull of a 20x combo before seeing the mechanic in action.

    Add cheesy dialogue and a camp characterization and you got angry fans with good reason.

      My thoughts exactly!
      The original trailer looked like something I could get into. And the new one looks like Beyonetta withal MGS coat of paint!
      Coming from a massive MGS fan.

    Is mgs rising still going to have the thing where u can slice in whatever direction you want?

    Really looking forward to Rising.

      ^ yea, me too!! people always complain the sequels are relatively the same but in the end, it is they who are not willing to accept changes. as a metal gear & hideo kojima fans, i look forward to what platinum games would bring to the Metal Gear saga. bring it on!!

    game had these for preorder a while back at like $10, i think they saw where this one was headed!

    Looks like a Ninja Gaiden clone.

    Everybody is concerned about the games different approach when they should be concerned about the game most likely being banned in Australia.

    I agree. It'll be disappointing. Also, a Metal Gear with a giant freaking blade? That stupid. Honestly. They're taking this into the 'wacky-japanese' zone.

    Anyone who actually plays and enjoys the Metal Gear Solid series cannot watch that trailer and think "Yes, this seems like a good idea." And the switch to "Hack N' Slash" mechanics is the least of the reasons why that is.

    Setting this new Raiden-centric action-slasher game *AFTER* Metal Gear Solid 4 is just absurd. This tends to imply that, yes, this game does effect the main timeline and world of Metal Gear. (So it's nothing at all like Metal Gear Acid games) This is also terribly inconsistent with the ending of MGS4, and Raiden's arc in particular.

    Even if you accept that it's just going to be a hack and slash action game set in the Metal Gear universe (no matter how absurd that sounds) when you watch the trailer and look at the apparent mechanics of the fighting/slashing you see that they seem to be applying the "My sword is a baseball bat until it's time for a finishing move, then it slices everything like hot butter"-design to a game that was originally shown off to be about dynamic and strategic cutting. Even if that feature somehow remains it creates such a dissonance that it's just distracting... especially given how brutally gorey they apparently are willing to be with the 'cut anything' portions.

    I dunno... even if I wasn't a Metal Gear nut I don't think this trailer would make me think "Oh, this looks good..."

    What annoyed me more about the trailer was the repetitive title screens and the over emphasised "revenge" lines etc.

    I almost thought it was a parody by the end of it.

    Wait, people don't like it? I love Metal Gear, and I love Platinum. I expect Rising to be awesome. This is the first I've heard of people not liking it, since everyone I've talked to has been stoked.

    Just rename the game and reference it's action to Bayonetta and your good to go. Whilst I do love tactical stealth espionage I prefer it if it was never affiliated with hack n slash and hence call Rising exclusive of the true 'Metal Gear' world. It is basically a spinoff. Pretend it never happened if you need >:L

      Why make it not part of the same world? The world is about characters, story, and setting, not gameplay mechanics.

        But Platinum Games are infamous (at least in my books) for their purely awful characters, stories and settings (and writing), which are for me the core of my Metal Gear experience. The main reason I don't think this game is a good idea (despite loving Bayonetta's gameplay and being a huge Metal Gear fan) is because Metal Gear has always been a hugely cinematic experience, with excellent writing and fantastic storytelling that rivals some of the best films Hollywood has to offer, and continuing from MGS4, which ended things nicely and left some things ambiguous which needn't be elucidated, with a new terribly written plot and ridiculous tone to a series so well constructed that you can fight a guy who can make grenades out of hornets and then still cry like a child over the ending simply would not work. I will buy this game and I'm sure enjoy it but I will have to do my best to completely ignore it as being an entry in the series, and hence, it probably shouldn't have been from the start.

          Kojima Productions are writing the story (as mentioned in the interview video before). It's a co-production. Any issues you want to bring up with the story or setting are equally (if not more) the responsibility of the Kojima side than the Platinum side.

          Besides, it's not as though there weren't already plenty of oddball characters in MGS. I expect this to hold true to the setting, with some more nanomachines to explain the rule of cool involved.

            The interviews above make it clear that the original Kojima Productions storyline was scrapped completely because Platinum Games decided it was too restricting... so then the writer from Kojima Productions was instructed to write the game the way Platinum Games wanted it to go. He was told to report to them and make them happy.

            That sounds less like "Kojima Productions are writing the story" and more like "Platinum Games is calling the shots" to me.

            And I'm sorry, but as zany as MGS has been in the past? They never decided to have a giant bipedal walking tank and nuclear launching platform suddenly begin fighting infantry units with a *Gigantic Sword*... :-P

            What they've shown in this trailer is pretty obviously inconsistent with the Metal Gear characters, stories and settings.

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