Michael Bay, This Is How You Do Transformers

Michael Bay, This Is How You Do Transformers

Hot damn. I know it’s just a pre-rendered trailer, and I know the song is corny, but this 1:47 of Transformers action spoke to me more as a Transformer fan than Michael Bay’s three films put together.

It’s the Spike Holiday Video Game Advertising Extravaganza Spike Video Game Awards trailer for the upcoming action game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and I feel quite comfortable getting excited for it since its predecessor, 2010’s War for Cybertron, was so great.


  • “this 1:47 of Transformers action spoke to me more as a Transformer fan than Michael Bay’s three films put together.”

    That’d be because this is actually Transformers. Bay’s films are B-grade giant monster films where the monsters are transforming robots and they’ve conveniently dug up a well-known 80s franchise to stretch over the top.

  • I am so ridiculously excited for this. I am very sad to hear that they’re scrapped campaign co-op, but Escalation should more than make up for that. I just hope that the multiplayer lasts a little longer than it did in War for Cybertron.

    This is going to be my Battlefield, CoD and Halo all wrapped in a delicious slice of pop culture.

    I really hope the likes of Hot Rod, Kup and Springer make it into this one.

    • On Xbox at least the multiplayer is still going – the other night me and my brother were playing BF3 and decided to try out Crysis 2 – no-one was playing – on a Saturday night! We then booted up WFC – 200 people were in the game – it still gets played, not the biggest hit but hopefully they figure out how to hold onto the aud this time around cuz it really is one of the TDM games in recent years.

  • Reminded me of a Zack Snyder film (or John Woo)
    Also, man, that music is awfully cheesy.
    Also, why does Bumblebee have rosy cheeks?

  • I like the visuals but why did they have to use the same faux-prog rock that Michael Bay uses in those movies. It even sounds like Linkin Park.

    • Did you see the same clip everyone else did? The song was ‘The Humbling River’ by Puscifier, one of the TOOL band members and A Perfect Circle made it. Sounds NOTHING like Linkin Park??? A solemn song, not screaming nu metal crap.

      • Have you heard Linkin Park’s recent work? (I have, but only because they’re shoe-horned into the Transformers movies), they ALWAYS start off with this exact same slow, ‘solemn’ tone before the noise begins. I don’t know if it was intentional to echo the Michael Bay-style, but boy is it close.

        • yeah this is offending me, it sounds nothing like linkin park, just stop talking about maynard as if he can be compared to RADIO music…

    • They announced Bruticus a while ago, but damn he looks good in action! I hope they give all of the bots that make him some decent characterization. Considerng they’ve already written a blurb about how Vortex is a kind of ‘spec ops’ con who gets the wet work done, I can’t wait to see what they’ve done with Brawl and Swindle.

      • Hopefully they look at how they didn Swindle in the recent Transformers Animated series – he was pretty badass in that

  • Not to mention that the plot lines in these terribad movies makes no sense? Megatron the schizophrenic anyone?

    Why did he try to blow up earth in number 2 if he wanted earth as a new cybertron in number 3? The 1980s plot made so much more sense. Even with dare to be stupid in it.

  • Luke Plunkett and Fanboys:Hurrrrr durrrrrr hey Michael Bay this is how you do Transformers
    Not a single fuck was given when you fanboys still watched it and he made a shit load of profit

      • They watched it one way or the other and yet he was still able to pull in a lot of money from his ‘terribad movies’

        • Yeah but your sentence implied that the “shit load of profit” was a direct result of the fanboys watching it when in reality we know it was a bunch tweens, parents taking their kids and people in their mid 20’s who never got into Transformers growing up.

      • He got my money for the first one, but not since and he’s movies are just violent enough for me to veto the kids from seeing em.

  • This looks so sad and serious. It’s actually a lot like the start of the original series; super intense and you never know if the autobots will actually survive. Almost TOO serious and grim to want to play- but this is surely Transformers.

  • How is that song corny, It’s Mystic river by Puscifier. Which is headed by James Maynard Keenan who is also the Lead singer of Tool. I think You need Some Music education Mr Plunkett

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