Mind-Bending Flash Favourite Shift Gains 3D Twist

More than 16 million players have enjoyed armour Games' flash-based Shift series of puzzle platformers. Now Akysys Games seeks to capture some of that magic on Nintendo's 3D handheld with Shifting World.

First off, if you haven't played armour Games' Shift yet, go do that right now. I'll wait.

Shift is a simple platforming game turned inside-out with the addition of a shift function that allows the player to flip between the black and white portions of the game map, forcing them to warp their perceptions to proceed. It's pretty much perfect as it is.

Perhaps developer Fishing Cactus and Aksys can make it even more perfect in Shifting World for the 3DS.

Shifting World takes the the shifting element from the original game and adds an additional layer of complexity by allowing players to shift between 2D and 3D, much like Sega's Crush.

If Fishing Cactus can keep the gameplay as consistently excellent as it was in the original Shift across Shifting World's 60+ levels spread across Adventure Mode, Bonus Mode and Time Attack Mode, then Aksys could have a real winner on its hands next year. Throw in a level editor and a level generator that works by scanning in DataMatrix bar codes and we might be looking at one of the must-have 3DS games of 2012.

And if not, we've always got Shift.


    Armor Games*

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