Minecraft Is Time Magazine's Game Of The Year

It's been an incredible year for Mojang's sandbox construction game, with mobile versions out in the wild, an ever-growing fanbase and their very own convention. To top all of that off, Notch and crew had Minecraft deemed as the past year's best game by one of the world's oldest news magazines.

Time Magazine — with some help from yours truly — ran down 10 great titles from 2011. The list includes Dark Souls, Bastion and Sword & Sworcery. Portal 2 came in at second just under Minecraft, followed by The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. What about Skyrim, you ask? Oh, it's on there. Click the link to see where Bethesda's RPG and a bunch of other titles wound up.

The Top 10 Everything of 2011 [Time Magazine]

Image: Time Magazine


    Sorry, call me a fanboy if you like, but any "Top 10 Games" list that doesn't start with some combination of Skyrim and Portal 2 doesn't even rate reading

      Fanboy! With a heavy helping of geek lol

    Good to see some indie games getting some recognition in this list.

    What a fuck up, who made the overall decision that the list was going to be fail.
    You alone or a collaborative effort?

    Minecraft would be a fine ps1 game! Haha!
    Not my thing. Played it & just didnt see the point of it. But kudos to all of you spending hours finelly crafting giant penis' & such!

    Trollers gonna troll.
    For those of you who like eating the same hamburger from the same place every day, feel free to celebrate when they decide to add cheese, pineapple or egg.
    But for those who like to experience something new and different, give the place down the road a go, you cook your own meat on a barbecue in the middle of the table.

    Oh blah blah blah! Lol

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