Minecraft's Water Made Wondrous

I'm a huge Minecraft fan. Sure, it could use a bit more hand-holding, but I enjoy how much it coaxes creativity out of everyone who plays it.

I even like the way the game looks. So when Luke detailed how to pretty up the game, I ignored his excellent advice. But this, this chance to add reflective, shimmering water to the game makes such a difference that I'm probably going to have to give in and get modding.

The Water Shader Alpha v4D has been around since this summer, but I didn't see it until today and once I started watching all of the amazing videos, I fell in love with it.

I've grabbed just a few here for you to marvel at. If you become as big a fan as I have, you can read up on how to weave it into your Minecraft play here.


    To me, even tho it is nice looking, it still some how fits with the rest of the game.... better than the normal water too I think...

    Doesn't yet work in 1.0.0

    From the thread by the mod author.
    "Note about 1.0.0: I have tried to ceate a stable update for about one and a half days and was not able to fix one or two remaining bugs. I probably can not afford to work on the mod again until christmas. Sorry. (The only option would be to release a buggy 1.0.0 version, which is not an option to me right now.)"

    Imagine Minecraft running on Infinite Detail, hahahahahahahahaha

      Imagine if Infinite Detail actually get's released. At all, past-self?

    this summer? its been around for AGES but anyway its a good mod, kills your performance

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