Modern Warfare 3 Gets A Bundle Of Tweaks With Tonight's 'Hot Fix Update'

A slew of multiplayer tweaks will take effect in Modern Warfare 3 via an update to the game tonight, according to Infinity Ward. They include nerfing the Type 95 and fixing Dome map exploits. Read the full change list.


    I wonder if they can fix how terrible the game fundamentally is?

      It's a pity they can't release a patch to fix the haters.

      I love the way COD is the best selling FPS and people still pay out on it, yeah you might not like it but if it's so 'terrible' then it wouldn't be so successful now would it?

        Sales does not correlate to quality.
        Just because something sells well... doesn't mean it is good. People are sheep.

        Same goes with any goods that can be purchased. How about movies? Lots of movies sell well... doesn't make them very good. Especially sequels.

        I don't agree with the fundamentals of the game either. Duel wielding, runspam, moving faster than a ninja on XTC doesn't seem like "modern warfare" to me.
        It's a fun game. I just prefer something less arcady. It feels like a re-skin of Halo.

          Don't you dare insult halo like that ;(

    This hot fix will cost $15

    I wonder if they have fixed the horrible mouse acceleration bug yet. shouldn't be tweaking the game when it still doesn't work properly :\

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