Modern Warfare 3 Getting New Modes, Tweaks

In response to player behaviour, and also a desire to just add new stuff, Infinity Ward and co. will be adding a new game mode (Drop Zone) to Modern Warfare 3, among other things. [Call of Duty]


    So when are bots going to be added in?

      Oh, it looks like I was wrong. People commenting here seem to have actually played the game! Maybe the anti-CoD crowd have finally moved on.

      Bots would be a fantastic idea. I don't really understand why BlOps had them but MW3 doesn't.

        Because treyarch know their stuff!

          Yeah, the Combat Training/4 player split-screen with bots was a great part of BLOPS, and was the way I finally managed to introduce my kids to FPS's...

    Good on them, especially if it's a free update. Good to see IF doing the right thing by the players for once.

    I'm actually playing MW3 but mostly because a) i didnt want BF3 as i have it on PC, and am enjoying the shit out of it

    b) MW3 is still fun even though its virtually MW2 with new maps.

    c) i wanted a shooter to play on ps3 with my friends who are still running Pentium IV's and cant run anythuing

    All in all though, it needs some major fixing.

    Ricochet sounds like the obvious step to counter teamkilling. But griefers are just gona step in front of your shots now when you try and shoot an enemy.


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