More Duke Nukem DLC Coming Next Week

Can't get enough Duke Nukem? (That's — I say, that's a rhetorical question, son, you're not supposed to answer it.) Well, good. Gearbox has whipped up even more DLC for the game.

Give the devils their due, despite a withering, almost universal critical rejection of Duke Nukem, Gearbox Software and 2K are earnest in their post-release support, pumping out a DLC extension back in October. Of course, this stuff isn't free. For $US9.99/800 Microsoft points, you get extensions to the game's singleplayer and multiplayer modes. They are:

  • 'The Doctor Who Cloned Me' (Singleplayer) which brings back the evil Dr. Proton, and a horde of new enemies, bosses and weapons.
  • Four more multiplayer maps: Sky-High, Command, Drop Zone and Biohazard.

The DLC is available early next week. You're — I say, you're welcome, son.


    Why couldn't the first access members get the singleplayer DLC free instead of that stupid multiplayer one?

      Cos they know that people will actually want this one.

    $US9.99 for this DLC? Isn't the game itself like... $19.99 on the US Steam store right now?

    Does ANYONE even care?

    Does ANYONE even care?

      You wouldn't think so, but rumour has it this might actually be alright. I'm not game to go find out, but my mind is slightly open.

        You sir should be soundly slapped about the head with a week old dead marmot.

        There should be a sticker that comes with the DLC that buyers stick to their foreheads that reads "I'm an IDIOT! I bought tinsle for my turd! Merry Xmas"

          I'm pretty sure high blood pressure is bad for your health, so I'd have that looked into if I was you.

          I know the game was a turd, but I'm basing that on reviews as I've never played it. I've also heard though that they're trying to improve the game by way of this DLC. You may not like the game, but the developers do work hard and they deserve a small chance here.

            DNF had a ridiculous bandwagon effect attached to it... in fact I wrote into Hyper about six months before DNF actually came out basically saying that this game was going to be massacred by critics, treated with bias and misinterpreted completely. I was right. It wasn't a great game by any stretch, but people jumped on the bandwagon and turned it into something much worse than it really was. If you played it for what it was, it was actually a pretty good sequel/tribute to Duke 3D. Especially if you're a fan, you'll have a smile on your face the whole time. Not a lot of games can do that.

              Very true justin robson, everytime I jump on kotaku and other sites I keep feeling that I was the only one who enjoyed it

              Hear hear!

              It was a Duke game as it would've been made in the 90's. Unfortunately the vast majority (including critics who should know better) decided to view it and it's ideology (for lack of a better word) as a product of 2011 which despite it's release date, it was not.

    No offence McGarnical I love your stuff.. You were just the guy above the commment I wrote.

    That game was a cynical exercise in making money.
    If you played it and thought your hundred smakers was well spent then good on ya but I think your crackers. It was shit. I suggest you go and dl a copy of the original Duke and play it (again). The second wasn't a patch on the first.


      Opinions are like assholes... everybody has one. I thought DNF it was fun (you know ... "fun" ... the thing allowed to exist before CoD cloning became mandatory in the FPS genre). DNF was rough around the edges, and could have been better, but it was no where near as bad as the critics made out.

      Besides, if "That game was a cynical exercise in making money", would they not have just cloned CoD?

      "your hundred smakers"

      There we have it. One of the things most haters mentioned. The price. I'm sorry but cmon, really? You were silly enough to buy a game at full price in Australia. Why should anyone ever acknowledge your opinion if you can't even be a somewhat intelligent shopper?

    This will hit 75% off during the xmas sales (or Easter) and honestly after the lame launch of what is now the most unpopular game of the decade Gearbox better have put some hard work into making this content worth it for people to want to pay $10.

    I will buy it if they have improved (and allowed us proper access to the freaking Dev console!)

    I didn't really have any interest in the Multiplayer expansion they put out last, but a Single Player expansion is more up my alley.

    Duke Nukem's seen better, but I've played many worse games than DNF and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

    I'm not the only person who doesn't want every game genre in the world to abandon its older development standards. My only wish concerning DNF was that it was even more old-school in level design, and less linear as a result. Well, that and the jetpack was sorely missed.

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