More On Mario Creator's 'Retire' Remarks

Yesterday, Nintendo denied Shigeru Miyamoto's "retirement". Today, Miyamoto denied it, while the interview was translated by a Nintendo employee and stands by its story.

[WSJ, G4]


    A 2 line article *and* the grammar is messed up. Good job.

    Wow... I had to read it three times to fully understand what it was that Bashcraft was trying to write. Unfortunately mandatory multiple read-throughs shouldn't count towards 'article length'...

      liking your comment so hard aerin. We need a like button!

    I tried to understand the article but because it was mistake that Miyamoto was retirement denied by translation that was not proof read seemed like very poor article that needed Nintendo to stand by... Yknow?

    What is happening to Kotaku? It really has gone downhill in the past few months.. This article is just another small example.

    Poor grammar/editing is possible in only two lines I see.

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