Most Popular Game On iTunes Keeps Crashing On iPads

Most Popular Game On iTunes Keeps Crashing On iPads

Infinity Blade II, a very good game that just launched on iTunes today, is getting rave reviews from people who can get the game to run and is being pilloried for a bug that keeps crashing the game on some iPads.

A solution is coming.

“We’ve discovered an issue with some users who are running Infinity Blade II on iPad 1 and iPod touch devices,” a spokesperson for the game’s development studio, Chair Entertainment, said today. “We are working to have a fix for this issue ASAP.”

The issue causes the $7.49 game to crash when its title screen loads. It happened on my first-generation iPad, which is running iOS 5.0.1. It’s crashing on the iPads of people who responded to me about the issue on Twitter. And it’s crashing for a quite a few people who have submitted user reviews to iTunes:

At the time of this writing, Infinity Blade II is the top-grossing paid app on iTunes. It has 860 five-star user reviews. Most of the 46 one-star reviews are about the crash problem.

In the world of iOS gaming where apps can be updated swiftly and repeatedly, game-crushing bugs aren’t forever. The Chair rep said that the game was running on first-gen iPads while in development. Hopefully it will again soon.


While Infinity Blade II kept crashing on my original iPad, it has run fine for me on an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4. Its listing on iTunes indicates that it is supposed to be compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd gen), iPod touch (4th gen) and iPad, any of which need to run iOS 3.2 or later. Chair tells me they’ll be able to provide more details on how this will be addressed soon. I’ve also reached out to Apple to clarify how they verify app compatibility across various devices and OSes. This story will be updated if they respond.

The botom line, for now, is to take caution if you’re running an iPad 1 or iPod Touch. The rest of you can enjoy the game. I’m slashing through it on my phone.


  • Actually, the issue doesn’t seem to affect the 3rd generation iPod touch. It’s only affecting the original iPad, and the 4th generation iPod touch. 3rd and 5th generation devices are mostly unaffected- crashes still occur on them, but the game is actually playable.

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