Myst Re-Release Headed For 3DS In March

The super-old collection of HyperCard stacks Myst will be published as Myst 3D on the 3DS, with a release date scheduled for March 27.

The publisher handling the port says it will add 3D effects to the original game, so it isn't a reboot or a new adaptation. It will, however, include the Rime Age, which wasn't included in the game's original PC release.

Hoplite Research, which developed the ports of Myst for the DS and the PSP, is back on the case again.

[via MTV Multiplayer]


    Sure mist is pretty, but man is it dull.
    ~ Monkey Island 3

    So is the 3DS now just becoming a hand held console to play games made over ten years ago where ever you want? Each release announcement for this has just been re-releases of old games.

      Except of course all those new titles they keep announcing.

    Why not include Riven as well?

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